Quest: Find the Archaeologist

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You'll receive this gold quest immediately upon finishing the Maze's Request quest.


This quest will start as soon as you teleport to the Witchwood Cullis Gate (#1). The area will seem to be clear of enemies, but when you get about halfway to the Witchwood Stones, a cutscene will start up, and you'll have to face a rock troll (#2). Rock trolls are tougher versions of earth trolls, but they do about the same thing, so whatever strategy you've used in the past will probably work here, too. We like to use "slow time" and then just whack away with our melee weapon.

When you reach the Witchwood Stones, you'll discover that the Archaeologist is behind a demon door (#3). The door will task you with learning its name and then spelling it out using the stones to the north (#3a). It will also give you a clue: "Only one person knows my name, but I doubt you'll find him. Even at the Temple of Avo."

At the Temple of Avo, you'll find a shady guy right next to the temple (#4). He'll offer to sell you the name of the demon door for something "red and shiny." A ruby will do the trick, and, conveniently, you might have found one when you killed the rock troll. When you pay the man, he'll tell you the name of the demon door: H-I-T-S.

To spell out the name, go back to the stones in the Witchwood Stones area (#3a). Each of the four stones represents a letter, and you can see the letter by "using" the stones. To spell out the name, attack the stones in the correct order: south (H), north (I), west (T), east (S).

Beyond the demon door, you'll meet the Archaeologist. He won't be thrilled to see you, and after rambling for a while about Jack of Blades and Focus Sites, he'll take off. That will conclude the quest. For your efforts, you'll receive at least 1200 gold coins.

1 - Cullis Gate

2 - Rock Troll

3 - Demon Door

4 - Shady Guy

  1. Path between the Witchwood Cullis Gate and the Witchwood Stones.
  2. Path between the Witchwood Stones and the Temple of Avo.