Quest: The Ship of the Drowned
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You'll automatically receive this gold quest after completing the Prophets of the Fire Heart quest.


The first part of this quest is pretty simple. You'll just need to travel to Hook Coast and place the Fire Heart in the top of the lighthouse there. Once you've done that, Briar Rose will show up, and she'll tell you that you'll have to wait for the Fire Heart's energy to reach full power... but that's when the Summoners will arrive.

Summoners are like bigger, badder skeletons. They have the same weakness -- they're slow and they tend to stand around, so they're vulnerable to ranged attacks -- but they also have a ranged lightning attack, and if you hit them when they're drawing in their lightning power, you'll take damage and be knocked down.

You'll have to defeat three Summoners while protecting the Fire Heart from their attacks. Since you'll have Briar Rose with you, you can let her do most of the dirty work while you stand back and use ranged attacks, or you can wade in there and help her. After the first Summoner goes down, two more will show up, and minions will arrive with them. If the Fire Heart starts taking too much damage, just make a beeline for the Summoners. Once a Summoner starts attacking you (or Briar Rose), it will forget about the Fire Heart.

For completing the quest, you'll earn at least 800 renown and 5000 gold coins, plus you'll receive the Map to Lost Bay. Finally, you'll automatically sail to Lost Bay, where Scythe will ask you to meet him in Snowspire Village.