Quest: Gateway to Hook Coast

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You'll receive this gold quest immediately after completing the Rescue Scarlet Robe quest.


This quest starts out at the Ancient Cullis Gate in Darkwood (Barrow Fields has the closest cullis gate that you can teleport to). When you enter the area, Scarlet Robe will tell you, "The gate will only open when its hunger for undead souls has been sated." Then when you approach the cullis gate, skeletons will start spawning next to it. After you've killed enough of them (area-effect spells work well here), the gate will activate and you'll automatically use it and appear at Hook Coast.

Your goal at Hook Coast seems simple enough -- to reach the ruined abbey there (#2). But when you approach the abbey, you'll find that one of those red barriers has appeared, and that it's blocking the entrance. Scarlet Robe will then contact you and ask you to return to the Heroes' Guild, but when you get there she'll start making some odd comments, and when you reach Maze's Tower, you'll witness her being kidnapped by minions. However, before they teleport away, Scarlet Robe will implore you, "Don't forget the book!"

You'll find the book -- Arban's Thaumaturgica -- on a table in Maze's quarters. The book "describes the forgotten rituals and magic of Hook Coast, including ways of erecting and disabling forcefields," but you'll discover that it's written in a language that you don't understand. The quest will end after you've picked up the book, and you'll receive at least 500 renown and 4200 gold for your efforts.


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