Location: Witchwood East

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1 - Barrels and Treasure Chest

If you loot all of the containers in Witchwood Lake, you'll find a flame augmentation, a will potion, and tofu. On the ground next to the barrels you can also pick up a power moustache style card.

2 - Digging Site

If you dig at the base of the statue here, you'll unearth a silver key.

3 - Fishing Ripple

If you fish here you'll catch a Will Master's Elixir.

4 - Treasure Chest

Inside the chest you'll find an emerald.

5 - Demon Door

This is Demon Door #7 in the Demon Doors section. Beyond the door you'll find an Elixir of Life.

6 - Cullis Gate

7 - Archery Competition

You'll have to do three things before the archery competition will start up. You'll have to complete the gold Arena quest, you'll have to complete the silver Break the Siege quest, and you'll have to exit and re-enter the area.

The archery competition here works about the same as the archery test in the Heroes' Guild. In fact, your highest score from that test will be your starting high score here. You can win a variety of prizes in the competition. The best ones will come when you beat your high score. The first two times you do so, you'll win Treasure Clue 4 and a Silver Arrow Trophy. After that, you'll win gems as rewards for beating your high score, and you'll win produce as consolation prizes.

8 - Blacksmith and Tattooist

In this shop area you can find a treasure chest and three barrels. If you loot them all, you'll receive three pieces of red meat and 1000 gold coins.

9 - Houses and Buildings

Here's what you can find in the houses and buildings of Knothole Glade.
#9a: A Seachaos Leg Tattoo and 500 gold coins.

#9b: A ruby.

#9c: A Red Widow Tattoo.

#9d: Chainmail boots.

#9e: The book The Balverine Slayer.

10 - Fist Fighting Ring

Each night, men will show up at fist fighting rings across Albion to test each other in unarmed combat. This is the fourth and final such ring. If you can beat the competition here, then you'll win the Fist Fighters Trophy.

Since this is the last ring, obviously it is also the toughest. In particular, the village chief is a difficult opponent, because it will only take him a couple hits to defeat you, while it'll take you dozens of hits to defeat him. But there's a trick. If you keep him targeted, then when he punches at you, you can block and dodge to the left (or right) to circle around him. Chances are, he won't turn around right away, and then you'll be able to hit him several times in the back before you drive him out of the ring. If you're lucky, he'll run into a spectator and never leave the ring. If you're unlucky, you'll have to repeat the sequence several times before you finally defeat him.

Note: You can use this strategy against all of the opponents in all of the fight rings, but it's only really necessary against the chief.

11 - Tavern

In the tavern you can play "card sorting." If you can get a low enough score, then you'll win a Scarlet Robe Hero Doll (see the Collect the Hero Dolls entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details).

12 - Digging Site

If you dig in the circle of ferns here, you'll uncover a silver key.

13 - Marital House

You can buy the house for 9000 gold coins.

14 - Potion Shop

This is the cheapest place in the game to buy health potions.

15 - Title Vendor

16 - Arena

You'll only be able to enter the arena twice, both times for quests. See the Arena entry in the Fable Gold Quests section for details.

Note: After completing the Arena quest, one of the people near the entrance will give you a chainmail helmet if you talk to him.

  1. Exit to the Temple of Avo.
  2. Path between Witchwood Lake and Knothole Glade.
  3. Path between Witchwood Lake and the Arena Entrance.