Quest: Rescue the Archaeologist
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This gold quest will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the Finding Theresa Again quest.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter


When you reach Bowerstone Jail, you'll find out that the Archaeologist was just abducted and that the kidnappers "took him up the hill there." So what you'll need to do is chase the kidnappers all the way to the Prison Path area to the north, killing "minions" along the way, including a minion summoner. The guard from Bowerstone Jail will follow along and help you out, and you can pick up three more guards along the way.

When you reach the Prison Path, a timer will start. You'll have five minutes to kill the minions in the area and reach the Archaeologist. If you have area-effect spells, this isn't too bad, but if you're a pure melee fighter, you'll have your work cut out for you. The "slow time" spell will slow down the minions, but it won't slow down the timer, so it's not a great spell to use here.

Once the Archaeologist is safe, he'll tell you that there's a secret path into Bargate Prison starting in Lychfield Graveyard, and then he'll take off to look for a better hiding place, and the quest will end. For your efforts, you'll receive at least 500 renown and 7000 gold, plus earn a Minion Helmet trophy.

"You saved me! But then I'd still be safely in my cave if it wasn't for you."