Quest: The Arena

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This gold quest will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the White Balverine quest.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Clean Sweep
  • Merciful Hero


Probably without surprise, this quest involves a long combat sequence. So we wouldn't recommend you take "no protection" or "without a scratch." At the end of the arena sequence, you'll have to battle Whisper again, and that's what the last two boasts reflect. If you'd like to kill Whisper, then select "clean sweep." Otherwise, select "merciful hero."

Before you actually get to enter the arena, you'll start out in the Arena Anteroom. Here you can buy equipment (including a full bright platemail suit) from a merchant (#1), and you can also play blackjack (#2). Shortly, you'll be told to enter the arena (#3), but you won't have to hurry to do so. You can take your time and shop and wander around and talk to people if you want. You can even leave the arena (#4), but if you do you'll fail the quest.

Note: It's not necessarily a bad thing to fail the quest. You can earn a lot of money fighting in the arena, and if you do a "hero save" and then fail the quest, you can earn most of that money over and over again, plus gain lots of experience.

The arena fighting is broken down into a series of rounds:
  1. Wasps (100 gold)
  2. Hobbes (500 gold)
  3. Balverines (1000 gold)
  4. Undead (2000 gold)
  5. Bandits (3000 gold)
  6. Earth trolls (4000 gold)
  7. Rock Trolls (8000 gold)
  8. Arachanox (10,000 gold)
If you leave the arena between rounds, then the gold will reset and you'll start back at 100. So when you plan to play all the way through the quest, don't leave the arena once you've gone in.

Most of the creatures are straightforward to kill, since you've seen most of them before, and Whisper will join you starting in Round 3, making things easier. The end-boss Arachanox isn't as difficult as you might expect. It has a burrowing attack where it glows green, and you can move in at that point and do a lot of damage with melee attacks. You can also just nickel-and-dime it to death if you have the patience and the potions.

After you've defeated all eight rounds, you'll find out that there's one more round -- and that you'll have to fight Whisper in it. Whisper does a lot of jumping around, and so she's difficult to hit, but she balances that out by not doing a lot of damage... which you might have noticed while fighting in the arena with her.

Once you've done enough damage to Whisper, you'll have to make a choice: to kill her or to let her live. It doesn't make a lot of difference in the game which you choose -- you'll gain 10,000 gold but lose alignment if you kill her, and you'll gain alignment if you let her live -- so you should probably just choose based on the alignment of your character.

After the battle, a bunch of people will talk to you. Lady Grey will invite you to her manor in Bowerstone North. Thunder will glower at you. Jack of Blades will reveal to you that Scarlet Robe is you mother, and you'll learn some of the history of your family. A bandit will come up to you and tell you to meet Theresa at the Grey House.

That will conclude the quest. For all of your work, you'll receive at least 2000 renown and (assuming you stayed in the arena the entire time) 28,600 gold. You'll also get the Champion's Seal and the King Scorpion Sting.

Note: After the quest, if you talk to the people at the Arena Entrance, one will give you a chainmail helmet.