Quest: Mayor's Invitation
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You'll receive this bronze quest by talking to Lady Grey in Bowerstone North.


Your objective in this quest is to court Lady Grey. She'll start out by asking you for a present worthy of her. You can find such a present in Drago's Shop in Bowerstone North: a black rose (remember, Lady Grey is sort of evil). After you've given Lady Grey the rose, she'll demand that you own your own house. Conveniently, the cheapest house is also the closest house. You can buy the marital house in Bowerstone South for 1500 gold coins.

Next, Lady Grey will ask you to find her missing necklace. Tracking down its location is straightforward: just talk to all of the people in Bowerstone North who are labeled on the mini-map with a green circle. You'll learn that the necklace belonged to Lady Grey's sister Amanda, and that it's been seen in Oakvale. However, don't rush off to Oakvale just yet; to progress in the quest, you must first tell Lady Grey your findings.

"In Oakvale you say?! I should have the whole town burnt!"

If you talk to the citizens of Oakvale, they won't tell you anything about the necklace. But if you head into Memorial Garden, you'll find two suspicious-looking men who will stop talking whenever you approach. The men are standing on one side of a stone fence. To eavesdrop on them, circle around and sneak up to the other side of the fence. The men will reveal that they have hid "it" between the two boats on the beach. If you go to Oakvale's western beach and dig between the two boats there, you'll find Lady Grey's Necklace.

When you give the necklace to Lady Grey, she'll tell you that you'll have to complete one more task: to prove that you're better than her other suitor, Thunder. You'll find Thunder in the Bowerstone Jail area. He'll challenge you to a duel at Headsman's Hill (farther to the north).

Thunder is annoying to kill. He'll block arrows and most if not all non-flourished melee attacks, and he has this area-effect lightning spell that will hurt you and simultaneously make him immune to melee attacks. If you're a melee fighter, then just gut your way through the battle and hit him with as many flourishes as possible. If you have spells at your disposal, then you can cast something like "fireball" or "lightning" to disrupt his lightning attack, and a combination of "slow time" and flourishes do some damage.

Once you've gotten Thunder down to about half health, he'll push you down a hill and start fighting you again. Then once you've gotten him down to about a quarter health, he'll run into Headsman's Cave. Finally, once you've taken almost all of his hit points, he'll concede, and you'll win Thunder's Helmet (a trophy, not something to wear).

Back in Bowerstone North, when you talk to Lady Grey again, you'll get the option of marrying her. This is a one-time option. If you say "no," then she'll decide that she had "serious doubts" about you anyway, and that's how the quest will end. If you say "yes," then you'll receive a dowry of 15,000 gold coins, and you'll also gain access to Bowerstone Manor, where you can find a silver key (in the bed) and the legendary weapon The Katana Hiryu (in the silver chest).

Note: The only way to have sex with Lady Grey is to flirt with her and give her gifts while she's in her bedroom in Bowerstone Manor. We only got her in there by entering Bowerstone North at dawn and dusk.

Another note: If you have The Lost Chapters, then you don't need to marry Lady Grey to get inside Bowerstone Manor. You can complete the Investigating the Mayor quest instead. See the Investigating the Mayor entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details.