Quest: The Ransom Victim

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This silver quest will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the Battle Jack of Blades quest.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • Victim Not Harmed
  • Kill the Kidnappers


You'll find the chief of Knothole Glade next to his house in the southern part of the town (#1). He'll tell you that his son was kidnapped by bandits, and that if he doesn't send them the ransom money, they'll send him back his son's head. The chief will give you the ransom money to give to the bandits, and then he'll go inside to lie down. However, right after that, the chief's other son will approach you with a counteroffer. If you bring the kidnapped son to him instead, you'll make some "serious money" (in actuality, you won't; you'll recieve the Guild payment of 3000 gold coins regardless).

You'll find the kidnapped son in the Witchwood Stones area. He'll be in the cave where you found the Archaeologist earlier. You'll have to walk to the cave. If you try to teleport anywhere after talking to the chief, you'll fail the quest.

Inside the cave you'll meet a bandit who will demand the ransom money. If you decline to give it to him, nothing will happen. You'll have to manually target him and attack him to avoid making the payment. The only difference between paying the ransom and not paying the ransom is that bandits will attack you on the trip back if you don't pay, and other creatures will attack you if you do pay. Oddly, you'll face much tougher battles if you do pay, because you'll have to face things like White Balverines, nymphs, and rock trolls.

"Something's trying to kill me. It's the best day ever!"

Back in Knothole Glade, if you turn the boy over to his brother (#2), your alignment will drop by 60 points. If you return the boy to his father (#1), nothing extra will happen, but you'll get the option of revealing the brother's plans. However, nothing much happened when we did that.

Either way, you'll earn at least 500 renown and 3000 gold for completing the quest.