Location: The Northern Wastes

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Necropolis Note

There are over 20 graves in the Necropolis. They can all be dug up, but if we labeled them all on the map, there wouldn't be room for anything else. The graves get scrambled up for each game, but if you loot them all, you'll find the four glyphs required for the Oracle of Snowspire quest (see its entry in the TLC Gold Quests section for details), you'll find some stones that will summon enemies to attack you, and you'll also find two will potions, three health potions, and 2000 gold coins.

The Necropolis also spawns large, lumbering skeletons. If you have a decent ranged attack, then not only can you use the skeletons for some easy target practice, you can use them to drive up your combat multiplier (we got up as high as 51). So if you pick up some Ages experience potions, this is where you should go before quaffing them.

1 - Silver Chest

The chest requires 30 silver keys. Inside you'll find the legendary weapon The Avenger, plus a collection of gems.

2 - Fishing Ripple

If you fish here, you'll find an Elixir of Life.

3 - Digging Spot

If you dig up the grave here, you'll find a silver key.

4 - Abandoned Building

If you break all of the barrels downstairs, you'll find a diamond and a Furite Swirl Torso Tattoo. If you loot the chest upstairs, you'll laso find a resurrection phial.

5 - Treasure Chest

In the chest here, you'll find a Holy Warrior Helm.

6 - Cullis Gate

7 - Ice Troll

The first time you pass through this spot, you'll face an ice troll. Ice trolls are just tougher versions of rock and earth trolls, and similar strategies should work against them.

8 - Remains

On the ground next to the skeletal remains, you'll find some items: the book Creatures of the North, a piece of red meat, and a health potion.

9 - Treasure Chests

You can find two treasure chests in the Northern Foothills. If you loot both, you'll gain an Ages of Will potion and a health augmentation.

10 - Grave

If you dig up the grave here, you'll find a Furite Stripe Face Tattoo.

11 - Treasure Chest

Inside the chest, you'll find Orkon's Club.

12 - Fishing Ripples

If you fish in these two spots, you'll find an Elixir of Life and a Will Master's Elixir.

13 - Treasure Chest

Inside the chest, you'll find a Demon Warrior Helm.

14 - Treasure Chests

Inside the two chests in the Necropolis, you'll find an Ages of Skill potion and a mana augmentation.

15 - Demon Door

This is Demon Door #15 in the Demon Doors section. You'll have to give up all of your silver keys to get through the door, but beyond it you'll find the legendary weapon The Bereaver.

16 - Fishing Ripple

If you fish here, you'll find a silver key.

17 - Remains

You'll find the remains of two dead adventurers in the Necropolis. If you grab all the items on the ground next to them, you'll end up with a big beard style card, a Furite Arm Tattoo, a Furite Swirl Back Tattoo, an Ages of Will potion, and a health potion.

18 - Silver Chest and Regular Chest

If you loot the regular chest (up the stairs), you'll find an Ages of Might potion. If you have the 25 silver keys required to open the silver chest next to the stream, then you'll find a complete suit of Archon's Battle Armour: Archon's Battle Helmet, Archon's Battle Chest Piece, Archon's Battle Gauntlets, Archon's Battle Leggings, and Archon's Battle Boots.

  1. Path between the Lost Bay and the Northern Foothills.
  2. Gate between the Northern Foothills and the Necropolis. You won't be able to enter the Necropolis until after speaking with Scythe in Snowspire Village.
  3. Cave between the Northern Foothills and Archon's Shrine.
  4. Exit to Snowspire Village.
  5. Bronze Gate to Archon's Folly. You won't be able to go through this gate until the end of the game.