Quest: Break the Siege
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This silver quest will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the Finding Theresa Again quest.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • Solo Mission
  • Kill Leader


What you'll need to do in this quest is kill a bunch of bandits before they can slip into Knothole Glade and free their leader. Note that the leader they want to free is not the same as the leader from the last boast. The leader in the boast is the siege leader, and he's one of the bandits who will appear outside the gates. You'll probably kill him without realizing it. Also, the guards won't do a lot to help you in the quest, so you might as well take "kill leader" and "solo mission."

The quest shouldn't be very difficult. You'll have to kill about a dozen bandits, but they'll appear in waves, so as long as you can kill them relatively quickly, you'll never have to face more than 4-5 at once. Also, as long as you can hit each one as they arrive, then they'll attack you rather than going after the leader, and you'll be able to keep the battle in one place.

If some bandits do get past you, then they'll head to the leader and begin walking him towards the front gate. You'll then have to kill the bandits before they can get there. The complication with this is that you can hit the leader as well as the bandits, and if you kill the leader then you'll fail the quest. So if this situation arises, be very careful when you attack.

For completing the quest, you'll receive at least 450 renown and 5000 gold. You'll also trigger two events. After leaving the area, you'll learn that Twinblade -- or his followers, if you killed him -- is seeking revenge against you, and that you might encounter some assassins (see the Assassin Attacks entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details). The archery competition will also finally start up next to Knothole Glade's front gate.