Quest: The Sick Child

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You'll receive this bronze quest in Bowerstone South when you approach the woman at #1. A little girl near the entrance to the area will lead you to the woman, or you can also just wander over there on your own.


The woman at #1 will tell you that her son Aldy ate some strange mushrooms while picnicking at Lookout Point, and that he is now ill. Furthermore, she'll tell you that the witch in Bowerstone Quay can cure the boy, but that the witch will need a few of the mushrooms to make the cure.

When you talk to the witch (#2), she'll tell you that she'll need four mushrooms, but she won't give you any hints for where to find them. But that's what walkthroughs are for, right? Read the sections below to see how to get the required mushrooms.

Mushroom: Cyril and Myra

You'll find Cyril in the Guild Woods and Myra in Oakvale. Cyril will tell you that he met Myra during a mushroom induced haze, and that while he thinks that he likes her and that she likes him, it's difficult to tell, given how the trees "were running around on little chocolate legs."

Cyril will then give you some poetry to deliver to Myra, and he'll warn you not to try and pass it off as your own. When you reach Myra, if you want to be evil, then tell Myra the poetry is from you. She'll forget all about Cyril, and she'll write a love letter to you. If you then take that love letter to Cyril, he'll give you his blue mushroom. Being good works in exactly the same way, except you should tell Myra that the letter is from Cyril.

Mushroom: Wasted Guys

You'll find two wasted guys loitering next to the statue at Lookout Point. One will talk about how he lost the "mushroom of truth" when a door sneezed on him. The two will then decide that getting the mushroom back might be difficult since the Guild doesn't like them much.

In other words, you can find a blue mushroom in the pool of water next to the demon door in the Heroes' Guild area. If you haven't picked up a fishing pole yet, then you can get one for free at Fisher Creek.

Mushroom: Unhappy Woman

In the Picnic Area, you'll find a woman who just wants to laugh, but who isn't having any luck with her blue mushroom. To make her laugh, use "funny" expressions, like giggle and tap dance. If you haven't used an expression yet, you can find them under "skills" in the main menu. After amusing her three times, the woman will give you the mushroom and leave.

"You're like the funniest thing ever!"

Mushroom: Merchant

You'll find the mushroom merchant in the merchant area of Barrow Fields. If you talk to him, he'll tell you where he sold three other mushrooms (the people listed above), and he'll offer to sell you one for 1500 gold. If you're feeling evil -- or just cheap -- you can take the mushroom from his display table. The merchant will see you, and your alignment will drop by 40 points, but you'll only have to pay a fine of 750 gold.


When you give the four blue mushrooms to the witch (#2), she'll give you the witch's potion. Then when you give the potion to the woman in Bowerstone South (#1), you'll complete the quest. For your efforts, you'll receive 200 renown and 2000 gold coins.

"I'll never join another witch-burning mob after this."