Quest: Book Collection
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You'll recieve this bronze quest the first time you talk to Headmaster Gout at the Bowerstone School (in Bowerstone South).


The object of this quest is to donate books to the school. There are over 30 books that you can donate; once you've donated 25, you'll receive a silver key, and the quest will end.

However, the more interesting reward comes after donating nine books. At that point you'll gain a hat. If the books you've donated have been "good" books, then you'll receive a bright wizard hat. Otherwise, you'll receive a dark wizard hat. (As far as we can tell, there isn't a neutral wizard's hat in the game, but this is difficult to test.)

Now, winning the bright wizard hat from the school is pretty easy. Chances are, if you grab all of the books you find and then hand them off to the school, the bright wizard hat is the one you'll receive. To get the dark wizard hat, you'll have to plan ahead and only take "evil" books. Fortunately, there are enough "evil" books around early in the game that you can gain the dark wizard hate quickly and not have to keep a lot of notes about which shelves and containers you've looted and which ones you haven't.

Here are the books we used to get the dark wizard hat:
A Love Story
The Pale Balverine
The Tale of Maxley
The Tale of Twinblade
Eyes of a Killer
The Guild of Zeroes
The Repentant Alchemist
The Sock Method
You Are Not a Bad Person
The first four can be found in the Heroes' Guild, and the last five can be found in Bowerstone South. If you want to play further into the game, then you could also try books like The Windbreaker Rulebook and The Ugly Guide, both found in Oakvale.