Quest: The Graveyard Path

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You'll gain this gold quest automatically after completing the Rescue the Archaeologist quest.


Your first objective in this quest is to find the complete set of Nostro's equipment, so you can make it through the Demon Door in the Lychfield Graveyard area (#1). When you approach the gravekeeper's cottage (#2), you'll overhear him talking about how he's "got it stashed all over the graveyard" and that "no one's going to find it, not even them undead what's wandering around." The gate to the graveyard (#3) starts out locked, but when you talk to the gravekeeper, he'll open it for you.

Here's where you can find the equipment:
Nostro's Helmet: Inside the gravekeeper's cottage (#2)
Nostro's Sword: In the grave that starts "Yaggath Sonnog" (#4)
Nostro's Shield: In a fishing ripple (#5)
Nostro's Armour: Inside a crypt (#6)
Once you've collected the four items, take them to Nostro's Crypt (#7) and click on Nostro's skeleton. A cut scene will start up, and the Demon Door will automatically open.

Beyond the Demon Door, skeletons will continuously spawn in the Old Graveyard Path, but all you'll have to do in the area is fight your way through them (or just run past them) to reach the door at the end. Once you've killed the skeletons there, the door will open, allowing you to end the Circle of the Dead.

At the Circle of the Dead, you'll just have to kill several more skeletons to get the door to the Underground Passage to open. Once that happens, the quest will end, and you'll earn at least 200 renown and 1500 gold. You'll also receive the Undead Hand trophy.

1 - Demon Door

2 - Gravekeeper's Cottage

3 - Graveyard Gate

4 - Grave

5 - Fishing Ripple

6 - Crypt

7 - Nostro's Crypt