Quest: Find the Bandit Seeress

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This gold quest will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the Maze's New Information quest.

Available Boasts
  • Without a Scratch
  • Spare Bandits
  • Bandit Blood


This is an extremely long quest. Don't start it unless you have an hour to two to play the game. Also, we've never tried sneaking through the quest, but killing 24 bandits is pretty easy, and so you should go ahead and take the "bandit blood" boast.

The quest starts out at the Clifftop Path. This first part is a puzzle sequence. You'll need to move to the gate at the end of the path (#1) without any of the three bandit guards seeing you. There are two ways to do this. The bandits are pretty wimpy, so if you have a decent ranged attack, you should be able to kill them in one hit. If you can do that from far enough away so that the bandits don't see you first, then they won't raise the alarm, and you can walk to the gate without any problem.

You can also try sneaking to the gate. For this method, we had our best luck getting caught once (on purpose), killing the three guards, and moving to #2. Then when the three new guards come out of the gate, two of them will immediately walk past you, and the third one will usually stand around for a bit and then patrol to #3 or beyond. When that happens you should be able to circle around to the gate.

The second part of the quest takes place on the Abandoned Road. Here you'll have to collect a full bandit outfit so that you'll be allowed into Twinblade's Camp. You can find the bandit items, plus a resurrection phial, in the chests in the area (#4).

Once you've acquired the five bandit items, just walk to Twinblade's Camp (via the western exit), put on the bandit outfit, and then talk to the bandit at the gate. He'll let you into the camp.

The third part of the quest takes place in Twinblade's Camp. To get to the seeress, you'll need to pass through the gate leading to Twinblade's Elite Camp, and to get through that gate you'll need a bandit camp pass. There are two ways to get a pass. You can play "guess the addition" in the pub, or you can buy a pass from the bandit next to the pub for 1000 gold coins.

The fourth part of the quest takes place in Twinblade's Elite Camp. Once again you'll need to get through a gate, and once again you'll have some options. You can either kill all the bandits in the area, pay some assassins to create a diversion, or create a diversion yourself by freeing some prisoners. If you decide to free the prisoners, you'll need to kill the bandit patrolling next to their cage. He'll drop the key to hostage cage, which you can then use to release them.

The final part of the quest takes place in Twinblade's Tent. Here you'll have to fight Twinblade. He's a big, mean-looking guy, but there's a trick to killing him. First off, if you're still wearing the bandit suit, put on your regular equipment instead. Then try your best to dodge Twinblade's attacks, because you won't be able to damage him... except for every so often when he thrusts his twin blades into the ground. Then you'll be able to run behind him and score a couple hits before he pulls his blades back out. This is easiest if you have Twinblade targeted, since dodging left or right will circle around him.

Once you've done enough damage, Twinblade will surrender, and the seeress will appear. You'll learn that the seeress is really your sister Theresa, and she'll tell you what's happened to her since the night of the attack on your village. Then you'll have a choice, to kill Twinblade or to let him live. It doesn't really matter which you choose, except letting him live is good and killing him is evil. If you decide to kill him, then kill all of the bandits in the tent first, or else you'll have to deal with Twinblade and the bandits at the same time. If you decide to let Twinblade live, then just leave the tent.

Either way, the quest will end when you leave the tent. For completing the quest, you'll receive at least 1000 renown and 4500 gold coins, plus earn the bandit seal trophy.