Quest: Guild Training

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Starting Out

You'll find yourself in the Heroes' Guild, all set to begin your training. The training is all part of one long quest, so make sure that you'll have enough time to complete it (about an hour). Remember that you can only perform a "hero save" during a quest, and if you have to load your game then you'll go back to the beginning of the quest.

This training quest is another tutorial, but unlike the previous one, it is linear, and you'll be walked through it by the guildmaster. So just follow his instructions to learn about melee combat, archery, and magic.

However, don't just speed through the required elements of the quest. You'll also find some mini-quests to do around the guild. These mini-quests are optional, but they'll only be available while you're working on the training quest, and so you should take the time to complete them before graduating. The mini-quests are detailed below.

1 - Kitchen

A cook in the kitchen will ask you to find her four cooking apples. There are many such apples scattered around the guild grounds. Five are plainly visible between the archery training area (#2) and the melee training area (#3). If you give four cooking apples to the cook, then she'll give you a blueberry pie.

2 - Archery Training Area

After completing your required archery training, an instructor will show up and offer to grade your archery performance. If you can get an A+ (which requires a score over 150), then he'll give you a yew crossbow. To pass this test, you'll have to switch to a first person perspective and aim for the back two targets. If you can hit the back target with maximum force, then you'll earn 36 points with each hit, and it won't take very long to rack up enough points for an A+.

Note: Your high score in the archery test will carry over to an archery competition later in the game, so it's to your advantage to beat the A+ score by as little as possible.

3 - Melee Training Area

After defeating Whisper in your required melee training, an instructor will show up and offer to grade your melee performance. If you can get an A+, then he'll give you an iron katana. This is a pretty easy test. In fact, we've never not gotten an A+.

4 - Bragging Student

When you approach the student, you'll hear him bragging about how he can run to the demon door (#4a) and back in 50 seconds. If you talk to him, you'll be allowed to try and break his record. It's tough to beat the student's time, but here are a couple tricks to help you out. When you talk to the student to initiate the race, make sure you're facing the direction you want to run. Then when you're running the race, turn around as soon as you've crossed the stone bridge leading to the door. That's as close to the door as you have to get. If you can beat the student's time, you'll earn 25 gold coins.

"You're the most arrogant, that's for sure."

5 - Maze's Tower

If you're playing Fable: The Lost Chapters, then climbing to the top of Maze's tower will allow you to witness a conversation between Maze and another hero named Scythe. You'll see more of Scythe in the last act of the game.

6 - Will Training Area

After completing your required will training, an instructor will show up and offer to grade your will performance. If you can earn an A+ in the test (which requires you to hit 12 targets), then the man will give you a will potion and a resurrection phial. This is a pretty easy test, since the game will automatically change targets for you. Just wait for a target to face you, cast "lightning" until all three targets have been hit, and then repeat.

7 - Vermin Hunter

After completing your required archery training, a man will show up here and ask you to kill the sparrows plaguing the guild. This is an evil quest (each time you kill a sparrow your alignment will drop by 2), but you'll earn 50 gold coins if you can find and kill all seven sparrows. Six of the sparrows are west of the river, and the seventh can be found on the roof to the kitchen (#1).

  1. Guild Woods. You'll have three occasions to enter the Guild Woods -- twice for required training quests, and once for an optional mini-quest to "play" with Whisper and kill a trio of bandits. There isn't really any reward for killing the bandits (just a bonus to your alignment), so don't worry if you missed the encounter.