Quest: Battle Jack of Blades
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You'll receive this gold quest immediately after completing the Try to Stop Jack of Blades quest.


Well, this is it. It's time for you to finally fight Jack. You'll find him in the Chamber of Fate, located through the Guild Caves in the northern part of the Heroes' Guild. On the way there you'll run into the Guildmaster, who will let you know that Jack has Theresa and Scarlet Robe with him. If you search the Heroes' Guild before getting to the Guildmaster, you'll find two health potions and a resurrection phial. Then in the Guild Caves, you'll also find an oak longbow. Part of the battle with Jack requires ranged attacks, and if this is your best option then you're gong to have a tough time. But it's better than nothing.

When you get to the Chamber of Fate, Jack will kill your mother, and he'll take possession of the Sword of Aeons. Then he and his minions will turn their attention to you.

Jack is tough to kill. He'll block most everything, so in this first part of the battle you'll only be able to hit him reliably with flourishes. But first things first: ignore Jack and kill the minions. "Slow time" works well against them. Just cast the spell and then either smack them with area spells, or circle in behind them and hit them with your weapon.

Once it's just you and Jack, try to stay within melee range of him. If you get too far away, then he'll start using spells against you, and the spells will not only damage you, they'll knock you down and knock you back, making it easier for him to continue to use spells against you. If you have something like "assassin rush," you can use that spell to stay close to him.

Then it's just a matter of being patient. Attack Jack a couple of times with your melee weapon, and then hit him with a flourish. If you have "slow time," that spell can make this sequence a little bit easier. Once you've knocked out half of his health, Jack will start floating in the center of the room, and you'll move on to the second half of the battle.

For this part of the fight, you'll only be able to hit Jack with ranged attacks. But Jack will be nastier here. He'll hit you with a stream of offensive spells, including a nasty "firecracker" spell that will knock out your health in a hurry. Plus, he'll regularly summon minions to attack you. So what to do?

Well, just like in the first half of the fight (and in numerous other fights), if you have "slow time," it's much easier. With that spell in effect, you'll have time while Jack is casting his spells to draw back your bow and hit him with a powerful shot. If you have Skorm's Bow, then it'll only take 4-5 shots to finish him off.

If you don't have "slow time," then the battle will be a little bit trickier. You can hide behind the stones in the room when Jack casts to avoid most (if not all) of the damage, and that's the best place to stand when you're fighting the summoned minions. Then you'll need to jump out from behind the stone between Jack's casts, and hit him quickly with something like "lightning." In fact, if you time it right, then when Jack summons minions, you can cast "lightning" and hit the three minions and Jack at the same time. Eventually you should be able to wear him down, but it'll probably take you numerous potions to do so.

The first time we played the game (when we didn't have "slow time" or Skorm's Bow), the battle took about a half hour and we used over 100 potions. But once we knew the tricks of the battle, the whole thing only took about five minutes.

Once Jack is dead, you'll have to make a choice: will you kill your sister and claim the Sword of Aeons for yourself, or will you destroy the sword by sending it into the magical vortex? If you're playing the original Fable, then this isn't much of a choice, since the game is about to end at this point anyway, and so you can just choose as your character would.

But if you're playing The Lost Chapters, you'll have a few more quests to go, and so that sword might be tempting. And who really needs sisters anyway? But to make things easier on you, if you don't claim the Sword of Aeons, you'll shortly be able to go on a quest and pick up Avo's Tear, which is an identical sword. So once again, you can just choose as your character would.

For completing the quest, you'll earn at least 4000 renown and 20,000 gold, and you'll also receive Jack's Mask.

"They're both where they belong now. Lost forever."

Note: If you're playing the original Fable, then after completing this quest, the credits will start rolling. If you watch them all the way through, then you'll be able to continue playing your character. From what we've heard, the world will be largely as you left it, allowing you to complete any unfinished quests.