Quest: Rescue Scarlet Robe

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You'll receive this gold quest immediately after completing the Graveyard Path quest. This is a lengthy quest, so make sure you have enough time to complete it. The quest will start when you enter the Underground Chamber.


The first part of the mission is straightforward. You'll just need to fight your way through the Underground Chamber, the Underground Tunnel, the Cliffside Path, and the Underground Passage on your way to Bargate Prison. Along the way you'll have to fend off skeletons and prison guards, and you'll have to survive a couple of traps (where red barriers will block doorways until you've killed the nearby enemies), but nothing should be too tricky or difficult.

When you reach the Torture Chamber, Scarlet Robe (aka "Mom") won't exactly be thrilled to see you, but she'll ask you to get her cage open, and then she'll start following you. However, this will be a very short escort sequence, because just as soon as you've reached the middle of the Underground Passage, Jack of Blades will show up, and he'll throw you into his prison.

"Come now. It isn't polite to leave without saying goodbye."

Note: This is the midway point of the quest, and if you "hero save" your game now, you'll find yourself in the prison the next time you load. That is, if you save and load, you won't have to repeat the first half of the quest again.

Inside the prison, you should notice that you've been stripped of your equipment and that you can't cast spells. Worse, you'll find out that every year on the warden's birthday, he has the inmates run a race in the prison courtyard, and that the "winner" is then invited to his office where, well, "what goes on in there is too cruel to mention." And guess what today is?

The race is pretty easy. The other inmates will frequently stop, and they won't always use their top running speed, and so you should be able to outpace them easily. Don't worry about exploring or trying to loot barrels; you'll be back out here later. Just follow the hand signals of the guards and make your way to the end. If you don't win, don't worry. A year will go by and you'll find yourself back in the prison, where you can try again.

Once you've won the race, you'll find yourself in the warden's office, where the warden will... read poetry to you! Yikes! Anyway, if you explore the room while the warden is reciting, you'll find three books on a desk to your right, and a shelf with a document in it in the back corner to your left. What you'll need to do is move quietly to the document, read the code on it, and then use the code (automatically) to open one of the three books. If you're lucky, the book will contain the key to your cell. If you're unlucky, you'll get the wrong book and then have to go through the race sequence again so you can return to the warden's office and try again. (This might be random, but we've always gotten the key on the second try.)

Note: When sneaking around behind the warden, you should notice two status bars in the top right corner of the screen. The top one is a timer. That's how long the warden will read poetry to you, and so that's how long you'll have to open up one of the three books. The lower bar is the noise indicator. Even if you're sneaking, you'll make noise as you move. If this bar fills up, then the warden will send you back to the doorway, and you'll have to start over. To reduce the noise bar, just stand still for a bit.

With prison cell key in hand, it's time to stage a prison break. You'll find a stick in the cell across from yours, and you can use it as a very basic melee weapon. In the other cells, you'll find five fellow prisoners, who, if released, will follow you and distract the guards outside. You can also find a piece of red meat in a barrel.

Upon leaving your cell block (#1), you'll encounter three guards in the courtyard. Don't try to attack them. Instead, run up the stairs to the east (Exit A) and enter the Prison Barracks (#2). In the back of the room you'll find a chest with your missing belongings in it. You'll also find a complete guard uniform in the room, but, as far as we can tell, it doesn't work as a disguise.

Finally, return to the Torture Chamber (#3). Scarlet Robe will still be locked inside, but this time when you let her out, you'll actually be able to escape the prison. Scarlet Robe will start following you, and things will proceed like an ordinary escort quest until you reach the Underground Chamber.

In the Underground Chamber, red barriers will appear, blocking the exits, and a giant sea creature (a kraken) will rise out of the water and attack you. The creature will start off by using its tentacles. If you have a decent ranged attack, then you should be able to attack the tentacles at all times (although we seemed to miss way more than normal). If you only have melee attacks, then try to dodge the tentacle swats, and then hit the tentacles when they're on the ground.

Once you've "killed" five tentacles, the creature's head will come out of the water, and it'll use its breath attack on you. The head will move close enough that you can use melee attacks on it, but ranged attacks work best here, especially if you have a good bow. Once you've gotten the head to half health, it'll disappear, and you'll have to face five more tentacles. These tentacles are just like the previous five, and once you've defeated them as well, the creature's head will make another appearance. Defeating the head this time will kill the creature and lower the red barriers.

The quest will end when you approach the southern exit from the Underground Chamber. Scarlet Robe will leave to look for Theresa, and she'll tell you to investigate a way to reach Hook Coast. You won't receive much in the way of renown or gold for completing the quest, but you should gain close to 50,000 experience, and the kraken tooth is one of the better trophies in the game.

1 - Your Cell Block

2 - Prison Barracks

3 - Torture Chamber

  1. Stairs between the Prison Courtyard and the Prison Ramparts.