Quest: The Final Battle
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You'll receive this gold quest immediately after finishing the Souls of Heroes quest.


When you enter Archon's Folly, you'll quickly discover that Jack is really a dragon, and then the fight will begin. Unlike the last battle with Jack, we weren't able to find any tricks to winning this one. Jack will fly around the edge of the area, and every so often he'll land and attack you. He'll use a variety of ranged attacks, including a fairly devastating breath attack, and he'll periodically spawn some minions and summoners to help him.

Because Jack flies around, uses ranged attacks, and spawns enemies, that means ranged attacks aren't always effective. But because Jack is very big, making it difficult to see where you need to stand to attack him, and because his attacks seem to do more damage the closer you get to him, melee attacks aren't always effective, either.

So what to do? Well, obviously, you should keep "slow time" active as much as possible, and then just look for opportunities to hit Jack. Sometimes he'll just sit around and do nothing, allowing you to whack away with your melee weapon, and sometimes he'll keep up a constant stream of ranged attacks, making it difficult to even get close to him. But as long as you keep plugging away (and drinking those potions), eventually you'll wear him down.

After Jack is dead, you'll be given an option: to wear Jack's Mask and merge with the villain, or to toss his mask into the lava and be rid of him forever. It should be an easy choice. Even if you're evil, why would you want to merge with Jack? But the decision doesn't really make a difference. This is the end of the game, and there aren't likely to be any more expansion packs, so you might want to defeat Jack twice, just so you can see what happens both ways.

Congratulations for completing Fable: The Lost Chapters! If you want to continue playing your character, then be sure to watch the credits all the way through. The world should be as you left it, except for Archon's Folly, which will be fenced off.