Quest: Murder with a Twist

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You can pick up this bronze quest in Oakvale after completing the Find the Bandit Seeress quest.


You'll find a trio of guards behind a house in Oakvale (#1). One of the guards will offer you 1000 gold coins to kill the assassin who killed his brother. The assassin can be found in Twinblade's Tent. However, when you talk to the assassin, you'll learn that he's the guard's brother, and that the guard wants him dead so he that can improve his inheritance. Then when you draw your weapon, he'll realize that his brother sent you, and he'll offer you 2000 gold to kill him instead. If you refuse, he'll up his offer to 2500 gold.

Well, what to do? You've got a choice between a greedy guard and an assassin. They both seem sort of evil, but you'll only lose alignment if you side with the assassin. Both fights are about the same -- you'll have to battle three strong opponents -- so it's just a matter of whether you'd rather gain 2500 gold while losing some alignment, or just gain 1000 gold.

Note: If you're feeling particularly mercenary, you can accept the gold from the assassin before killing him, and then pick up the reward from the guard.