Quest: Bandit Spy Extraction
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This silver quest will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the Rescue Scarlet Robe quest.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • Guard Massacre
  • Trader Massacre
  • Pacifist
  • Solo Mission


This mission will start in Bowerstone North when you talk to Tanya. She'll tell you how bandits have infiltrated a spy into a trader group, but that the "net is closing around him" and that they'd now like to get him back out. You'll then automatically move to Bowerstone Jail, where the bandit there will describe Otto the spy as the only trader with a moustache.

Note: You can hire some bandits at Bowerstone Jail to help you out in the quest, but they're very fragile, and you shouldn't need them anyway, and so we wouldn't recommend it.

There are two ways to handle this quest: the good (pacifist) way and the evil (murderous) way. Both ways are described below.

Good Way

The idea behind this method is to avoid combat altogether. So it's safe to take the boasts "no protection," "fist fighter," "pacifist," and "solo mission."

At the start of the mission, just run past the guards you see. When you reach Otto -- probably at Windmill Hill but maybe in Gibbet Woods -- tell him to follow you, and then cast "slow time." From here, you should just run back to Bowerstone South with "slow time" active as much as possible. (If you try running back without "slow time" Otto will almost certainly get slaughtered.) Otto will automatically follow you each time you move between areas.

Evil Way

The concept for this mission is to kill everything in sight, and so you should take the boasts "guard massacre," "trader massacre," and "solo mission." The guards aren't very tough, so you could take "no protection" as well.

For the most part, this method is straightforward. Just kill the guards and traders you see until you reach Otto. Because you'll be killing things along the way, you'll probably find Otto in Gibbet Woods, but he might still be at Windmill Hill as well. Otto will probably be with another trader when you find him, but he'll be the only one with a moustache, so kill the other trader and tell Otto to follow you.

On the way back to Bowerstone North, you'll have to deal with guard attacks. If you picked up Otto at Gibbet Woods, then you'll face new guards at Windmill Hill and Bowerstone Jail. For some reason, the guards at Windmill Hill will run to the windmill, and so they shouldn't pose much of a threat, but the guards at Bowerstone Jail will run right for you. Worse, you'll face six of them at the jail, and so you'll have a tough time distracting them all and preventing them from attacking Otto.

So what to do? If you have the "slow time" spell, then you can probably use it and handle the guards that way. But the easier solution is to tell Otto to wait at Windmill Hill. Then he'll stay behind when you enter Bowerstone Jail, allowing you to kill the guards in that area without him being around. Then once the coast is clear, you can go back and get him and lead him safely through the area.


Either way, for completing the quest you'll receive at least 400 renown and 5800 gold, and you'll also gain the Trader's Head trophy. During the closing cut scene, Otto will also hand you a sharpening augmentation.

"And remember -- the blue Nymph crouches at a quarter past three."