Location: Twinblade's Camp

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1 - Cullis Gate

2 - Merchant Area

You can buy produce, obsidian weapons, and "dark" armor here.

3 - Bodyguard

4 - Treasure Cache

Here you'll find a treasure chest, two barrels, and a digging site. If you loot all of the above, you'll find an Ages of Will potion, a silver key, a health potion, and 500 gold coins.

5 - Pub

Inside the pub you can play "spot the addition." If you get a good enough score, you'll win a Twinblde Hero Doll (see the Collect the Hero Dolls entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details).

If you break the barrels in the pub, you'll find a piece of red meat, a health potion, and 250 gold coins.

6 - Barrels

If you break all of the barrels in Twinblade's Elite Camp, you'll find a golden carrot, an Ages of Might potion, a health potion, three green apples, tofu, and 100 gold coins.

7 - Treasure Chests

If you loot the two treasure chests in Twinblade's Elite Camp, you'll find assassin trousers and a resurrection phial.

8 - Steel Greatmace

You'll find the steel greatmace just leaning against the tent here.

9 - Fist Fighting Ring

Each night, men will show up at fist fighting rings across Albion to test each other in unarmed combat. This is the third such ring. If you can beat the competition here, then you'll be able to move on and try your luck in the fist fighting ring in Knothole Glade. If you can win in all four rings, then you'll receive the Fist Fighters Trophy.

10 - Treasure Chest

Inside you'll find a diamond.

11 - Twinblade's Tent

If you loot all of the chests and barrels inside the tent, you'll find two pieces of red meat, two health potions, a resurrection phial, and 750 gold coins.

  1. Exit to the Abandoned Road.
  2. Gate between Twinblade's Camp and Twinblade's Elite Camp.
  3. Gate between Twinblade's Elite Camp and Twinblade's Tent.