Location: Bowerstone

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Area Note

If you loot all the barrels in Bowerstone, you'll find a Harvest Tattoo, a Golden Harvest Tattoo, the book The Sock Method, two apple pies, tofu, two golden carrots, a piece of red meat, two health potions, and a will potion.

1 - Beardy Baldy

Beardy Baldy will tell you about his daughter, who is interested in meeting "strong, handsome men like you." If you decide that you'd like to meet her, then you'll receive the bronze Beardy Baldy quest. To complete the quest, just accept style cards from Beardy Baldy, and then go to the local barber (#6) to have your hair cut. In total, Baldy will give you the pudding basin style card, the mutton chop beard style card, and the trader style moustache style card. However, after you've changed your appearance to make Beardy Baldy happy, he'll admit that he doesn't have a daughter, and that he just likes "making Heroes like you look stupid." But to make up for the joke, he'll give you the fire monkey tattoo, and you'll also earn 100 experience.

2 - Fist Fighting Ring

Each night, men will show up at fist fighting rings across Albion to test each other in unarmed combat. This is the first such ring. If you can beat the competition here, then you'll be able to move on and try your luck in the fist fighting ring in Oakdale. If you can win in all four rings, then you'll receive the Fist Fighters Trophy.

3 - Witch (TLC)

The witch is involved in the Sick Child quest. See the Sick Child entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details. Also, next to the witch you should notice a scarecrow. If you loot the scarecrow, you'll receive a crunchy chick.

4 - Marital House

You can buy this house for 1500 gold coins.

5 - School

The headmaster of the school is involved in two quests: Collect the Hero Dolls and the Book Collection (TLC). See the entries for those quests in the Fable Other Quests section and the TLC Other Quests section for details.

6 - Barber Shop

Barbers work just like regular shopkeepers, except when you "buy" a style card from them, you're changing your appearance rather than buying a card. On the second floor of the shop, you can find the pony tail style card and an apple pie.

7 - Houses and Buildings

There are a few houses and buildings in Bowerstone that are there simply for you to rob. Here are the things you can find.
#7a: Two books -- The Guild of Zeroes and You Are Not a Bad Person -- plus a dark villager shirt, dark villager trousers, dark villager boots, a health potion, and 50 gold coins.

#7b: The pudding basin style card, an Ages of Might potion, a health potion, an apple pie, and 100 gold.

#7c: A Seachaos Arm Tattoo, the book Eyes of a Killer, and 50 gold.

#7d: A regular beard style card, a normal haircut style card, the Windbreaker Rule Book, a health potion, and 50 gold.

#7e: Bright upper dress, bright lower dress, and bright villager gloves.

#7f: A foreign moustache style card, the book The Trigamist, and a will potion.

#7g: The book The Tailor's Tragedy and 500 gold coins.

#7h: A strip beard style card and a mutton chop beard style card.
8 - Tavern

Inside the tavern you can pay Rhobbin the bard to sing you a song, you can hire a swordsman to act as your temple sacrifice -- er, bodyguard -- and you can play the min-game "card pairs." If you get a low enough score in "card pairs," you'll win a Briar Rose Hero Doll (see the Collect the Hero Dolls entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details). Upstairs, you can sleep in a bed for 35 gold.

There is also a cellar to the tavern (#8a). The door to the cellar is usually locked. The only way to unlock it is to examine the statue at Lookout Point when it is pointing towards Bowerstone (roughly at 9pm). After doing that, the cellar door will stay unlocked for the rest of the night. Inside the cellar you'll find a chest containing a leather chest piece.

9 - Mother and Aldy (TLC)

The mother and son here are involved in the Sick Child quest. See the Sick Child entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details.

10 - Blacksmith's Shop

11 - Tailor's Shop

Upstairs you can find the book The Repentant Alchemist and a silver key.

12 - Cullis Gate

13 - Derek the Marketkeeper

Derek is a good source for gifts.

14 - Drago's Shop

Drago sells a lot of interesting things: Thunder Hero Dolls, health augmentations, the Solus Greatsword, and more. In a chest in the back room of the shop, you can also find 500 gold coins.

15 - Lady Grey

You can court Lady Grey if you feel so inclined. See the Mayor's Invitation entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details.

16 - Bowerstone Manor

You won't be able to get into the manor until you've married Lady Grey or become Mayor yourself. Inside you can find a silver key (in the bed) and the legendary weapon The Katana Hiryu (in the silver chest).

17 - Prisoner (TLC)

The prisoner will accuse the Mayor of killing her sister. If you agree to look into the matter for him, you'll gain the bronze Investigating the Mayor quest. See the Investigating the Mayor entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details.

  1. Exit to Lookout Point.
  2. Gate between Bowerstone South and Bowerstone Quay.
  3. Gate between Bowerstone South and Bowerstone North.
  4. Exit to Bowerstone Jail.