Quest: Assassin Attacks
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After completing the Break the Siege quest in Knothole Glade, and after leaving the area, you'll learn that some assassins have been sent to kill you. That will trigger this bronze quest, but you won't actually see it in your quest list until you've encountered the first assassin.


You'll have to face five assassins to complete the quest. Here's where you'll find them:

1. Witchwood Cullis Gate. If you walk all the way to the focus site (the big stone sphere), the assassin will appear on the path behind you. He'll drop a Doll of You when he dies.

2. Knothole Glade. The assassin will appear at the end of the eastern side path (next to the treasure chest) when you're near the exit to the area.

3. Windmill Hill. The assassin will appear when you enter the windmill, and he'll drop the book Eyes of a Killer when he dies.

4. Prison Path. The assassin will appear almost as soon as you've entered the area. He'll drop 100 gold coins when he dies.

5. Hook Coast. The assassin will appear when you approach the bell in the northern part of the town. He'll drop a piece of jet when he dies.

After killing all five assassins, the Guildmaster will congratulate you for dealing with the threat, and he'll reward you with Treasure Clue 3 (see the Hidden Booty Hunt entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details) and 1000 gold coins.