Quest: Trader Rescue

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This is a silver quest that will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the Find the Bandit Seeress quest. Although they might seem mutually exclusive, you can complete this quest and the Trader Massacre quest.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • Don't Kill Anyone
  • Timed Quest


For this quest you'll have to rescue three traders from Twinblade's Camp (#1). You can go about this in two ways: the slow and methodical way or the quick and funny way.

Slow and Methodical Way

This way will get you more experience but less gold (since you'll be killing bandits but completing fewer boasts). Basically, you should kill all of the bandits in Twinblade's Camp, then talk to the captive trader (#1), then tell the trader to wait, then kill all the bandits that appear, then guide him to the exit (#2), and then move on to Twinblade's Elite Camp.

The strategy is about the same in Twinblade's Elite Camp. You'll just have to be careful, because every time you talk to one of the captive traders, new bandits will appear. So make sure all of the traders are with you when you do your talking, and then tell them to wait so you can kill all off the new spawns. Once all the bandits are dead, head to the camp exit (#2) to complete the quest.

Quick and Funny Way

You can also try running through the quest as quickly as possible. Just run to each of the three captive traders (#1), talk to them, and then run for the exit (#2). As long as the bandits see and target you first, then they'll attack you rather than the traders, and as long as you can stay alive, then the traders will make it to the exit and you'll have completed the quest.

This method doesn't always work, but it only takes a couple minutes to try, and it allows you to complete all of the boasts except for "without a scratch."


Either way, you'll earn at least 400 renown and 5000 gold for the quest.

1 - Captive Trader

2 - Exit Point

  1. Gate between Twinblade's Camp and Twinblade's Elite Camp.