Location: Snowspire Village

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1 - Oracle

After you've completed the Oracle's Knowledge quest, you'll be able to talk to the Oracle by using glyphs as expressions. Simply use the glyphs on the raised platform (#1a) to learn more about the people and places of Albion.

2 - Marital Home

You can buy the home for 25,000 gold coins.

3 - Houses

There is plenty of loot to be found in the houses of Snowspire Village. Below is a list of what you can acquire.
#3a: A Furite Flash Face Tattoo and an emerald.

#3b: Fire assassin trousers.

#3c: A Furite Deathead Back Tattoo, a Big Blue Box Chest Tattoo, a sharpening augmentation, and the book Creatures of the North.

#3d: Fire assassin gloves.

#3e: A Furite War Leg Tattoo, an Autumn Leaves Tattoo, a Big Blue Box Back Tattoo, and an Ages of Will potion.

#3f: Fire assassin boots and a Book of Spells.

#3g: A Fire assassin shirt and a health potion.

4 - Market

You'll find two merchants here: one for general supplies and one for tattoos.

5 - Barns

If you break the barrels in the barns, you'll find the goodies listed below.
#5a: A Furite Deathead Torso Tattoo, a diamond, and a golden carrot.

#5b: A Furite Flame Stomach Tattoo and an amethyst.

6 - Tavern

Inside the tavern, you can play "coin golf." The "course" here is much easier than the one in Oakvale, and if you get a low enough score, you'll win a Scythe Hero Doll (see the Collect the Hero Dolls quest in the Fable Other Quests section for details). If you go upstairs, you can sleep in a bed for 100 gold coins, and you can also find a Furite Funeral Face Tattoo.

7 - Graveyard

If you dig up the three graves in the graveyard, you'll find a Lionhead Back Tattoo, a Dragon Tattoo, and an amethyst.

8 - Tailor's Shop

9 - Cullis Gate

10 - General Store

11 - Blacksmith's Shop

  1. Exit to Archon's Shrine.