Location: Darkwood South

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1 - Darkwood Camp

Inside the camp you'll find some shopkeepers, a blackjack table, and a couple of chests and barrels. If you loot the chests and barrels you'll find a steel axe, a dark vortex tattoo, a will potion, and a resurrection phial.

Note: You can break open the barrels without any of the shopkeepers caring.

2 - Treasure Chest

If you open the chest, you'll find an assassin shirt.

3 - Chapel of Skorm

You'll receive a bronze quest for the Chapel of Skorm as soon as you enter the Darkwood Entrance. Basically, what you'll need to do in the chapel is sacrifice followers. The more evil points you receive doing this, the more rewards you'll get. You can receive the legendary weapon Skorm's Bow, some years off your age, and the "necromancer" title.

So how to do this? If you read ten articles on the subject, you'll probably find ten different strategies. Basically, what we can tell you is that your alignment makes a difference and the time of day makes a difference. A good alignment is better than an evil alignment, and nighttime is better than daytime. Also, the game only checks your current alignment and not your base alignment, so you should wear alignment boosting clothes (such as the Will User's Bright Outfit) and tattoos (such as the fire monkey tattoo).

The easiest followers to use are the bodyguards available in a few of the towns, such as the ones in Bowerstone South, Oakvale, and Twinblade's Camp. These followers are best because they'll come with you when you teleport. If you set up the chapel as your recall point, then it's very easy to grab all three and return with them to the chapel. For other followers, you'll have to walk them to the chapel. We didn't have any luck getting traveling merchants to follow us (this might depend on attractiveness or renown), but we were able to grab a bunch of people from the Heroes' Guild and run them to the chapel all at once.

Note: Since the Chapel of Skorm is easiest when you're good, and the Temple of Avo (on the Witchwood Island) is easiest when you're evil, you might want to do these two places back-to-back.

Another note: The best "score" we ever got was using a perfectly good character sacrificing a bodyguard at about 3 AM. For that we got 941 evil points and Skorm's Bow.

4 - Ancient Cullis Gate

Since this is an ancient cullis gate, you won't be able to use it like the other cullis gates, but enemies will still appear at it from time to time.

5 - Fishing Ripple

If you fish here you'll catch a silver key.

6 - Treasure Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a resurrection phial.

7 - Barrels and Treasure Chest

If you loot the barrels and chest, you'll find tofu, a golden carrot, a green apple, and a lightning augmentation.

  1. Exit to Darkwood Lake.
  2. Path between Darkwood Camp and the Darkwood Chapel of Skorm.
  3. Path between Darkwood Camp and the Ancient Cullis Gate.
  4. Path between the Ancient Cullis Gate and Darkwood Weir.
  5. Exit to Barrow Fields.