Location: Darkwood North

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Area Note

The Darkwood Bordello is only available in the Lost Chapters.

1 - Barrels

Inside the barrels you'll find a piece of red meat and a will potion.

2 - Treasure Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a resurrection phial.

3 - Demon Door

This is Demon Door #4 in the Demon Doors section. Beyond the door you'll find a full set of Will Dark Armor.

4 - Marsh

You'll find strange pods growing in the marsh. If you get too close to them, they'll explode, damaging you. So hit them with ranged attacks first.

5 - Treasure Chest and Barrels

If you loot the chest and barrels, you'll find a green apple, an apple pie, and leather boots.

6 - Silver Chest

The chest requires 15 silver keys to open. Inside you'll find the legendary weapon Arken's Crossbow.

7 - Fishing Ripples

If you fish at both ripples you'll find a moonfish and a health potion.

8 - Bordello (TLC)

When you talk to the people in and around the bordello, you'll find out that the bordello's owner, Mr. Grope, is a "cruel, sadistic, self-absorbed despot," and that the working women would like to get the deed for the bordello away from him. You'll also learn that Mr. Grope favors redheads and that Madam Minzche is half blind.

So, obviously, you'll need to dress up as a woman. You can get the necessary clothing (upper dress, lower dress and dress gloves) from Bowerstone South, and you can get the redhead wig from the upper floor of the bordello. To get upstairs you'll have to sleep with one of the prostitutes. Polly (the old lady) is the least expensive. You'll also need to be clean shaven. You can get that done in Bowerstone South as well. Once you've got yourself all made up, talk to Madam Minzche to get hired.

There are two ways to get Mr. Grope to spill the beans about the bordello deed. One way is to get him drunk. You can do that by buying six beers from the bar and then using them on Mr. Grope. The other way is to sleep with him. As long as the concept isn't too distasteful to you, sleeping with Mr. Grope is the best way to deal with him because he'll pay you 1000 gold coins for the priviledge. But either way, Mr. Grope will consequently fall asleep and mumble the location of the deed: buried under the willow tree (#10) next to the fountain.

"You're the bestest whore ever, you are!"

After you've dug up the deed and shown it to Madam Minzche, Mr. Grope will leave, and you'll become the new owner of the bordello. As owner, you can sleep with the women for free, and you'll earn 1710 gold every three days. If you talk to the Madam again, you can also give up ownership of the bordello and allow her to turn it into a refuge for the women. That will net you +400 to your alignment.

Note: Before digging up the deed, you might want to sleep with Mr. Grope several times for the extra gold and to meet the sex requirement for the Demon Door in the area (#9).

9 - Demon Door

This is Demon Door #13 in the Demon Doors section. Beyond the door you'll find a pimp hat.

10 - Willow Tree

11 - Pillar

Shoot an arrow through the hole in the pillar to find a silver key.

  1. Exit to Greatwood Caves.
  2. Path between Darkwood Entrance and Darkwood Marshes.
  3. Path between Darkwood Marshes and Darkwood Lake.
  4. Gate between Darkwood Lake and the Darkwood Bordello. The gate might be locked when you first get to it. It'll open after you've completed the Trader Escort quest.
  5. Exit to Darkwood Camp.