Quest: Hidden Booty Hunt

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You'll acquire this bronze quest the first time that you pick up a treasure clue.


There are six treasure clues scattered around Albion. Their locations are listed below.

Treasure Clue 1: Reward for completing the Bounty Hunt quest.

Treasure Clue 2: Reward for completing the Lost Trader quest.

Treasure Clue 3: Reward for completing the Assassin Attacks quest.

Treasure Clue 4: Reward for beating your high score twice in the archery competition in Knothole Glade.

Treasure Clue 5: In a chest at Orchard Farm.

Treasure Clue 6: In a chest at Windmill Hill.

Once you've acquired all six clues, this is how they'll read:
"To begin your quest, go to the region where scrumping Hobbes were discovered in legion. Your hunt for treasure can only come good if you start your search where fruit lies in wood. With your back to the Lake, walk into light. Proceed no further when it's no longer in sight. The nearest construction points with its limb. Follow its direction, but don't stop on a whim. You're not going in circles, but riddle me this: repeat the last clue, and you won't go amiss. Your reward is buried at the end of your trail. Proceed as directed, ‘til you're ‘twixt wood and bale."
We're not too sure about a couple of the middle clues, but the first two clues clearly point you to Orchard Farm, and the last one indicates that the treasure is between a building and a bale of hay. Your spade won't come up in the context-sensitive part of the interface while searching for the treasure, so you'll have to dig manually. If you dig at #1 (where there is a slight amount of room between the barn and the bale of hay), you'll find a special frying pan with four augmentation slots. If you dig at that spot without all of the clues, you'll still get a frying pan, but it won't be as powerful.

1 - Treasure Location