Quest: Return to Hook Coast
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This gold quest will become available from the Guildmaster in the Heroes' Guild immediately after you've completed the Gateway to Hook Coast quest.


When you talk to the Guildmaster prior to accepting this quest, he'll warn you that you'll have to "forsake" your other quests, and a subsequent dialogue will say that "all currently active quests will be abandoned." This is a little misleading. Even in the original Fable, there's a way to keep playing after the final battle, and so it'll still be possible to complete your existing quests after accepting this new one. But the spirit of the Guildmaster's warning is correct. You'll have a couple of tough battles coming up, so it's a good idea to make your character as powerful as possible beforehand.

After accepting the quest, the Guildmaster will tell you to go back to Hook Coast, and that he'll read a passage from Arban's Thaumaturgica once you've reached the red barrier at the ruined abbey. Of course, things won't be that easy. When you reach Hook Coast, you'll find the place overrun by "screamers." Screamers are wimpy and slow, so if you have a good ranged attack, you should be able to kill them before they can get close enough to do any damage to you. And even if you have to use melee attacks, you should be fine. With the character we used to write this walkthrough, screamers only did 11 damage with each attack, and they died in one hit. It doesn't even appear that they can block attacks.

At the ruined abbey, the Guildmaster's recitation will work, but inside you'll find Maze and Theresa -- and you'll discover that Maze has been working for Jack all along. Then, before you can do anything about it, Jack will show up and disable you, and Maze will complete the ritual to give Jack the key to the Sword of Aeons.

"Only an idiot would oppose Jack."

However, right after Jack leaves with the key, Theresa will free you from your bonds, and you'll have to fight Maze. Maze is tough to fight. He'll block just about everything, including offensive spells, and spells like "slow time" and "assassin rush" won't have any noticeable affect on him.

So what to do? Well, you can just plug away, hitting Maze with flourishes whenever possible. That will eventually work. But the better way is to use the strategy from the fist fighting rings. Lock onto Maze and start blocking. Then when he swings his staff at you, dodge to the left or right to circle behind him. Sometimes he won't turn around right away, and you'll get a few free swings at him with your melee weapon. Then just repeat as necessary.

Every so often, after you've done enough damage to Maze, he'll teleport away to a different part of the town (where a screamer will probably help him). After doing this about four times, he'll end up in front of the lighthouse. Defeating him there will end the battle and end the quest. For your efforts, you'll receive at least 1500 renown and 16,000 gold coins, plus acquire Maze's Clasp.