Location: Prison Tunnels

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1 - Kraken

You'll see the red dot for the kraken the first time you enter the area, but you won't have to fight the sea creature until you try to escape the prison. See the Rescue Scarlet Robe entry in the Fable Gold Quests section for details.

2 - Trap / Barrels

When you enter this room, red barriers will pop up and block the three exits, and a few skeletons will appear and try to kill you. Once you've defeated the skeletons, the barriers will disappear.

If you loot the barrels in the room, you'll find the Pudding Basin style card, and an Ages of Will potion.

3 - Barrels

If you break open the barrels here, you'll find two green apples, an apple pie, and a piece of red meat.

4 - Chest and Barrels

If you loot all of the containers in this room, you'll find two health potions, a resurrection phial, and an apple pie.

5 - Chest / Digging Site

If you open the chest and dig in the ring of mushrooms, you'll find a lightning augmentation and a silver key.

6 - Treasure Chests

If you loot the three chests, you'll find a dark chainmail helm, a sharpening augmentation, and a resurrection phial. But watch out! Approaching the chest in the middle of the lake will trigger another "trap," and a bunch of skeletons will appear nearby. However, just like all skeletons, these skeletons are slow, and if you have any sort of ranged attack at all, you should be able to mow them down easily.

7 - Trap

When you approach the exit door here, red barriers will materialize to block your escape, and a few skeletons will rise out of the ground. As with #2, once you've killed the skeletons, the barriers will disappear.

8 - Chest and Desk

On the desk you can find a pair of health potions. Inside the chest you can pick up another resurrection phial.

9 - Barrels

Inside the barrels, you'll find a green apple, a piece of red meat, and 250 gold coins

10 - Chests and Barrels

You'll find numerous chests and barrels in this room. If you loot them all, you'll find dark leather chest armor, an obsidian katana, an Ages of Might potion, four will potions, a health potion, a moonfish, tofu, a green apple, a piece of red meat, a carrot, and 250 gold coins.

  1. Exit to the Circle of the Dead.
  2. Door between the Underground Chamber and the Underground Tunnel.
  3. Door between the Underground Tunnel and the Cliffside Path.
  4. Door between the Cliffside Path and the Underground Passage.
  5. Exit to the Torture Chamber.