Quest: Ghost Granny Necklace

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This bronze quest will become available at some point after completing the Arena quest. You'll get the quest by talking to the farmer at the Orchard Farm (#1).


The farmer (#1) will tell you that he's seen his mother's ghost, and that it's creeping him out. So go over to the mother's grave (#2) and talk to the ghost. She'll tell you how she was killed, that a bandit murdered her for the necklace she was planning to give to her son as an anniversary gift, and how she won't be able to rest until the bandit is dead and the necklace is back where it belongs.

You'll find the bandit next door at Greatwood Lake (#3). The ghost will point the bandit out to you, just in case the lone red dot on the mini-map wasn't enough to give him away. There isn't anything special about the bandit, and he should die quickly. When he does, you'll automatically pick up the dead lady's heirloom.

To complete the quest, just head back to Orchard Farm and hand over the necklace to the farmer. You'll gain 200 renown, 500 gold, and +40 to your alignment. You can also walk back to the grave for once last glimpse of the ghost if you want.

"If I still had my lips, I'd kiss you. The worms ate them though."

  1. Path between Orchard Farm and Witchwood Lake.