Quest: The Prophets of the Fire Heart
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You'll receive this gold quest immediately after completing the Battle Jack of Blades quest.


When you enter Lookout Point, you'll trigger a cut scene where Scythe will try to elicit the assistance of the Heroes' Guild. He'll mention something about "Summoners" and his "mission," but mostly he'll ask you to go through the nearby Primal Demon Door and claim the Fire Heart, so that you can use the object to call the Ship of the Drowned and reach him in the Northern Wastes.

The demon door will recognize that you have Jack's Mask, and it will open for you. In the room beyond you'll meet the Prophets of the Fire Heart, who will describe the game you'll have to play to earn the Fire Heart. The game consists of a 4x4 grid, with each square of the grid containing a Sun symbol or a Moon symbol. Your goal is to walk on the board and change all of the symbols to the same type. Stepping on a grid square will change its symbol, and if you change all of the symbols to Suns, you'll free a prophet, but if you change all of the symbols to Moons, you'll kill a prophet. It doesn't matter which way you solve the five puzzles, so let the alignment of your character be your guide.

Note: The puzzles are timed. If you run out of time in a puzzle, then the Fire Heart will zap you for some damage, and you'll have to start over.

Solutions for the five puzzles are shown below, provided that you want to save the prophets rather than kill them.

Puzzle 1

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Puzzle 5

After you've completed the five puzzles, one way or the other, you'll receive at least 250 renown and 5000 gold coins, and you'll also claim the Fire Heart and the Fire Heart Band.


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