Location: Hook Coast

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1 - Cullis Gate

2 - Marital Home

You can buy the home for 29,000 gold coins.

3 - Lighthouse

On the main floor of the lighthouse, you can find a silver key and 500 gold coins. If you climb all the way to the top, then you can find a silver chest with The Murren Greataxe inside.

4 - Houses

If you rob all of the houses, you'll find several useful things.
#4a: A sharpening augmentation.

#4b: An Arrowhead Tattoo, a Coron Birth Tattoo, a Tramp Beard style card, and 500 gold coins.

#4c: Plate gauntlets, a Vambrace Tattoo, The Eyes of Avo Tattoo, a health potion, a will potion, and tofu.

5 - General Store

In the room above the store you can find a will potion.

6 - Blacksmith's Shop

In the room beside the shop you can find 500 gold coins.

7 - Tavern

Inside the tavern you can play "shove ha'penny," which is sort of like shuffleboard. If you get a good enough score in the game, then you'll win a Maze Hero Doll (see the Collect the Hero Dolls entry in the Fable Other quests section for details).

Upstairs, you can sleep in a bed for 200 gold coins. If you search the dressers and cabinets up there, you'll also find a Plaits style card, a health potion, and two books -- The Sock Method and The Dragons.

8 - Ruined Abbey

9 - Bell