Quest: Bounty Hunt
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This silver quest will become available in the map room of the Heroes' Guild after you've completed the Graveyard Path quest.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Perform Quickly
  • Behead Leader


This quest starts out at the Greatwood Entrance. There you'll learn that a bandit gang has taken two people hostage, and that they've decided to split up, with one hostage going to Fisher Creek and the other going to Greatwood Lake.

You'll (potentially) have to kill a lot of bandits in the quest, since you'll have to kill bandits at Fisher Creek and Greatwood Lake, and move through the Greatwood Entrance twice, but the "perform quickly" boast is still easy to achieve. If you've maxed out the "lightning" spell, then you can just move through the quest normally and still beat it in time. If you're a pure melee character, then you can simply run through the Greatwood Entrance if you need to, and only fight the bandits at Fisher Creek and Greatwood Lake.

The first hostage to rescue is at Fisher Creek. You'll find him on the dock with a single bandit. However, when you approach the pair, several more bandits will run in behind you. The starting bandit will always target you, but the other bandits will attack whoever is convenient, and so you'll have to get in their way and get them attacking you. The hostage can only take a couple hits, so if he gets targeted he'll probably get killed, and you'll have to start over.

You'll find the second hostage at Greatwood Lake, next to the broken bridge. Three bandits will charge at you when you enter the area, but they should be easy to dispatch. Then when you approach the final bandit and the hostage, the bandit will say, "Last chance, or the broad gets it." Stop where you are and hit the bandit with a ranged attack (it doesn't matter if it's a bow attack or a spell attack). Once hit, the bandit will charge at you, and two other bandits will appear on the path behind you, and defeating the trio will end the quest. If you had instead continued moving forward, then the bandit would have killed the hostage in one hit, and you would have had to start the quest over.

For completing the quest, you'll receive at least 400 renown and 5400 gold, and the second hostage will give you Treasure Clue 1.

"Hero, you're the best!"