Location: Greatwood North

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1 - Wasp Attack

When you enter Fisher Creek, you'll find some wasps buzzing around the fisherman's house (#4). If you rescue the fisherman by killing the wasps, then he'll give you a fishing rod, and he'll allow you to enter his fishing competition free of charge (TLC).

2 - Contest Sign (TLC)

The sign shows the current status of the Albion Anglers' Association Competition. Check here to see how big of a fish you'll need to catch to win a prize. The fisherman (#3) hands out the prizes.

3 - Fisherman

The fisherman will stand here after you've rescued him (see #1).

If you have the Lost Chapters, then the fisherman will run a fishing competition (you might need to leave and re-enter the area to get the competition to start). Just do some fishing and then talk to the fisherman to see what you've won. Third prize is the rod of champions (available at 15g), second prize is a silver key (30g), and first prize is a fisherman hat (50g). The best place to find a heavy fish is off the end of the pier. Of course, that's also one of the most difficult spots to fish.

4 - Fisherman's House

It appears the front door to the house will only open twice: right after you've rescued the fisherman (see #1), and during the Bounty Hunt quest (see the Bounty Hunt entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details). Inside the house you'll find the book A Hero's Journey I.

5 - Fishing Ripples

There are five fishing ripples at Fisher Creek. The one next to the pier gives a tutorial. If you fish at all of the ripples, you'll find a working mustache style card, a silver key, a moonfish, a golden fish trophy, and 100 gold coins.

6 - Chest

Inside the chest you'll find leather gauntlets.

7 - Treasure Cache

In this spot you'll find three health potions, one will potion, and a treasure chest containing a will master's elixir.

8 - Silver Key

9 - Silver Chest

The silver chest requires 5 silver keys. Inside you'll find an elixir of life.

10 - Health Potion

You'll find the potion just lying on the ground.

11 - Grave

If you dig here you'll find an upper dress. If you don't have a shovel yet, you can get one in Bowerstone South.

12 - Farmhouse

Most of the time the front door to the farmhouse will be closed. It'll only open when you perform the Orchard Farm escort quest at Lookout Point. Inside the farmhouse you can pick up a couple books: The Rotten Apple and Making Friends.

13 - Fishing Ripples

You'll find three fishing ripples in Orchard Farm. Between them you can pick up an elixir of life, a silver key, and a Coron Visor Tattoo.

14 - Treasure Chests

Inside the chests you'll find jet and Treasure Clue 5. See the Hidden Booty Hunt entry in the Fable Other Quests section for more information about the treasure clues.

15 - Orchard

You'll find several green apples on the ground here.

16 - Secret Chest

If you look at the statue at Lookout Point when it is pointing at Greatwood (around 1pm), then a chest will briefly appear here. Inside you'll find a piercing augmentation.

  1. Path between Fisher Creek and Greatwood Entrance.
  2. Exit to Lookout Point.
  3. Path between Greatwood Entrance and Greatwood Lake.
  4. Path between Greatwood Entrance and the Orchard Farm.
  5. Path between Greatwood Lake and the Orchard Farm.
  6. Exit to Greatwood Gorge.