Quest: Collect the Hero Dolls
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After winning one of the hero dolls, a child will come up to you when you're in Bowerstone, and he'll trigger the quest.


If you're playing the original Fable, then you'll need to collect six hero dolls. If you're playing the Lost Chapters, then you'll need to collect seven. You can collect these dolls by performing well in the various tavern games scattered around Albion. You can also find a doll of you during your travels, but that doll doesn't count.

Here's where you can get the dolls:
  • Briar Rose Hero Doll: From playing "card pairs" in Bowerstone South (a score of 24.7 seconds is enough to win the doll)
  • Whisper Hero Doll: From playing "coin golf" in Oakvale (a score of 11 is enough to win the doll)
  • Twinblade Hero Doll: From playing "spot the addition" in Twinblade's Camp (a score of 22.5 seconds is enough to win the doll)
  • Scarlet Robe Hero Doll: From playing "card sorting" in Knothole Glade (a score of 24.8 seconds is enough to win the doll)
  • Thunder Hero Doll: For sale in the Arena Anteroom and in Bowerstone North
  • Maze Hero Doll: From playing "shove ha'penny" at Hook Coast (a score of 32 in enough to win the doll)
  • Scythe Hero Doll (TLC): From playing "coin golf" in Snowspire Village (a score of 9 is enough to win the doll)
When you have all of the required dolls, simply take them to the headmaster of the Bowerstone School (in Bowerstone South). He'll exchange them for a Jack Hero Doll. However, so far as we know, there isn't anything you can do with the Jack doll -- or any of the other dolls, for that matter.