Location: Oakvale

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1 - Fishing Ripples

If you fish at all of the fishing ripples in and around Oakvale, you'll find a moonfish, a silver key, a Coron Night Tattoo, and 500 gold coins.

2 - Merchant Area

The merchants primarily sell produce and weapons, and you can grab a health potion from the nearby scarecrow. If you're working on the Sick Child quest (see the Sick Child entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details), then you'll also find a mushroom vendor here.

3 - Treasure Chest

You'll find a sapphire inside.

4 - Demon Door

This is Demon Door #5 in the Demon Doors section. If you need more food for the door, you can buy some in the merchant area (#2). Beyond the door you'll find a Will Master's Elixir.

5 - Cullis Gate

6 - Demon Door

This is Demon Door #8 in the Demon Doors section. Beyond the door you'll find the legendary weapon Ronok the Axe.

7 - Grey House

When you enter Grey House, some skeletons will rise from the floor, and a red glow will block the front door. As soon as you've killed the skeletons, the red glow will disappear, and a cut scene will start up showing something happening at one of the graves in the graveyard behind the house. If you dig at that grave (the one mentioning the "human race") you'll find a Deathlicon Tattoo. You can also loot the scarecrow near the grave for a Tallin Clan Arm Tattoo.

Inside the house, if you loot all of the containers and chests (including the silver chest upstairs), you'll find a dusty notebook, a ruby, a Tallin Clan Leg Tattoo, an Ages of Skill potion, an Ages of Will potion, a sharpening augmentation, and a normal beard style card.

There is also a cellar door on the eastern side of the house. If you have The Lost Chapters, then this door won't become active until later in the game when you start a quest in Bowerstone North (see the Investigating the Mayor entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details). Inside the cellar, you'll find a Will Master's Elixir, two health potions, a will potion, and a scrawled parchment.

8 - Marital House

You can buy the house for 5000 gold coins.

9 - Houses

You can loot lots of good stuff from the houses in Oakvale.
#9a: The book The Trials of Aarkan, dark lower dress, and the short hair style card.

#9b: The books Making Friends and A Hero's Journey III, plus a health potion.

#9c: The youngster style style card, plus a will potion.

#9d: A health potion.

#9e: Three books -- Windbreaker Rule Book, The Ugly Guide, and The Sock Method -- plus a Spiral Dementia Tattoo.

#9f: The book The Oakvale Raid.

#9g: A will potion and dark upper dress.

9h: An oak crossbow.

10 - Treasure Chests

You can find three treasure chests in Oakvale. If you loot them all you'll find assassin boots, a resurrection phial, and 250 gold coins.

11 - General Shop

You can get a decent deal on potions here. You can also buy a spade if you need to do some digging (such as with #18).

12 - Blacksmith's Shop

Among other things, you can buy obsidian weapons here.

13 - Tavern

Inside the tavern you can play coin golf. If you get your score low enough, you'll win a Whisper Hero Doll (see the Collect the Hero Dolls entry in the Fable Other Quests section for details). If you loot the cabinets and break the barrels behind the bar (tough to do without getting caught), you'll find a Firis Head Tattoo, the book The Sock Method, and a health potion. If you want to sleep upstairs, it'll cost you 100 gold coins.

14 - Fight Ring

Each night, men will show up at fist fighting rings across Albion to test each other in unarmed combat. This is the second such ring. If you can beat the competition here, then you'll be able to move on and try your luck in the fist fighting ring in Twinblade's Camp. If you can win in all four rings, then you'll receive the Fist Fighters Trophy.

15 - Digging Sites

If you dig near the door to the barn, you'll find a Balverine Skull Tattoo.

16 - Bodyguard

17 - Myra

Myra is involved in the Sick Child quest. See the Sick Child entry in the TLC Other Quests section for details.

18 - Chicken Kicking Competition (TLC) and Ghost

Before you can take part in the Chicken Kicking competition, you'll have to help the proprietor of the event. He starts out next to the house #9g at the top of the path leading to the beach. He'll tell you that he has a problem with a "chicken fancier" ghost, and he'll ask you to get rid of it.

When you talk to the ghost (at #18), he'll tell you that he had a "small side business in piracy" and that he'd like you to dig up his buried treasure (#19) and give it to his wife (#20). The buried treasure consists of 500 gold coins. There doesn't seem to be an evil way to handle the situation, and anyway, the ghost's reward is better than 500 gold coins, so give the buried treasure to his wife.

"I will still pray to see him return safe one day. Right after I've done some shopping."

Then when you return to the ghost, he'll thank you for helping him, and he'll tell you that the rest of his treasure can be found "buried under the axe of a statue in the local graveyard" (#22). If you dig there you'll find a silver key and an obsidian greataxe.

With the ghost out of the way, you'll finally be able to play Chicken Kicking. This is a pretty simple competition. If you score 50-149 points, you'll earn the "cock-a-doodle-do" expression. If you score 150-249 points, you'll earn a silver key. If you score 250 or more points, you'll win a chicken hat. After you've won the prizes, you can keep playing to win gold instead.

19 - Buried Treasure

The treasure will only appear after you've started the ghost pirate's quest (see #18).

20 - Pirate's Wife

In the barrel next to the wife, you can pick up an apple pie.

21 - Graves

You can dig up three graves inthe area, two inside Memorial Garden and one just outside. Between them you'll find a health potion (at Ian's grave), a golden carrot (at the "you're standing on my head" grave), and 500 gold coins (at the grave outside Memorial Garden).

22 - Graveyard Statue

23 - Digging Spot

If you dig at the campfire pit here, you'll find a golden carrot.

  1. Exit to Darkwood Weir.
  2. Path between Barrow Fields and the Grey House.
  3. Path between Barrow Fields and Oakvale.
  4. Gate between Oakvale and the Memorial Garden.
  5. Exit to the Clifftop Path.


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