Quest: Attack Orchard Farm

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This is a gold quest that will show up in the Heroes' Guild map room immediately after you've completed the Maze's Information quest. You can either select this quest or Protect Orchard Farm, but not both.

Available Boasts
  • No Protection
  • Without a Scratch
  • Fist Fighter
  • No Healing
  • Protect Bandits


This is the first quest where you can make boasts, and it's also one of the easier ones to be successful at it (simply because at this point there isn't much difference between using equipment and going without). "Without a Scratch" is always a tough boast to win, and we wouldn't recommend taking it. But protecting the bandits and going through the quest without healing are both pretty easy.

As you travel to Orchard Farm, you'll run into Whisper, who will inform you that she took the opposite quest. That's right, you'll have to fight Whisper again as part of the quest.

At the farm, you'll have to make three trips from the northern entrance (#2) to the barn with the crates (#1). For each trip, you'll have to fend off three guards, and then one of the bandits will grab a crate and take it back to the entrance. The bandits will help you fight the guards, so none of the battles should be too difficult.

After pilfering all three crates, Whisper will show up to fight you. She'll start out by blocking, and so you'll have to hit her with a flourish attack to do damage. However, after that she'll fight normally, and you'll be able to use whatever attacks you want.

Defeating Whisper will complete the quest. For your reward you'll receive at least 400 renown and 1000 gold, and you'll also win Whisper's Brooch.