Quest: The Oracle of Snowspire

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You'll receive this gold quest immediately after completing the Ship of the Drowned quest.


Upon your arrival at Snowspire Village, Scythe will meet up with you and tell you that you'll need to activate the Oracle in the village, and that you'll need four Glyphs of Inquiry to do so. He'll further tell you that the glyphs can be found in the Necropolis, which he'll open up to you.

When you enter the Necropolis, you'll discover that it's an abandoned town filled with ghosts and graves. Inside some of the graves you'll find potions or gold, inside others you'll find stones that will summon enemies (including summoners) to attack you, and in four you'll find the Glyphs of Inquiry. The graves get randomized for each game, so we can't tell you where to look, but unearthed graves are marked with a green dot on the mini-map, and so they should be easy to find.

After you've unearthed the first three glyphs, the red barrier (#1) blocking the fourth glyph (#2) will come down, but you'll still have to face an ice troll (#3) to get to it. Then when you approach the grave with the last glyph, the red barrier will pop back up, and two summoners and two minions will ambush you. Once you've defeated that quartet ("slow time" is a good idea for this and other battles in the Necropolis), you'll automatically pick up the last glyph, and the quest will end. For your efforts, you'll receive at least 4000 renown, and you'll also gain a Summoner's Gauntlet.