Location: Witchwood West

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1 - Cullis Gate

2 - Treasure Chest

Inside the chest you'll find a resurrection phial.

3 - Fishing Ripple

If you fish here, you'll catch a moonfish.

4 - Barrel

You'll find the book The Guild of Zeroes inside the barrel. On the ground next to the barrel you should notice a will potion and an Ages of Will potion.

5 - Demon Door

This is Demon Door #6 in the Demon Doors section. It is linked to the Find the Archeologist quest. Beyond the door, besides the Archeologist, you'll find three books -- Creatures of Albion Book I, A Love Story, and The Sock Method -- plus chainmail laeggings, a Howl Tattoo, a health augmentation (inside the silver chest), a resurrection phial, a ruby, a sapphire, and a piece of red meat.

6 - Fishing Ripple

If you fish here, you'll find a silver key.

7 - Chests and Barrels

If you loot all the chests and barrels in the Witchwood Stones area, you'll find an obsidian greathammer, chainmail gauntlets, an apple pie, and a piece of red meat.

8 - Bodyguard

9 - Treasure Chest

Inside the chest, you'll find a resurrection phial.

10 - Temple of Avo

This temple is the reverse of the Chapel of Skorm. If you donate gold to the chapel (by using the shrine), then you'll gain alignment. However, just like the Chapel of Skorm, the change in alignment depends on a couple things. In this case it's the amount you donate and your base (not current) alignment. That is, your clothing and tattoos won't affect the alignment shift.

If you donate enough gold, you'll earn the legendary weapon The Sentinus, a reduction in age, and the "paladin" title. We've heard that perfectly evil characters can get all three for about 32,000 gold. When we played using a relatively neutral character, it cost us about 50,000 gold.

11 - Sword in the Stone

The sword in the stone is the legendary weapon The Harbinger. To get it out, you'll either need to have perfect scores in your melee skills, or you'll need to improve on them a great deal after your first try with the sword. But really, since the required improvements are so high -- an increase in physique by 5, an increase in health by 2, and an increase in toughness by 3 -- that unless you've intentionally been keeping those skills low, you'll just have to max them out regardless.

12 - Ambush

After completing the Find the Archeologist quest, the next time you pass through the Witchwood Stones area, a man will run up to you asking for help. He'll lead you to the witchwood stones (#5a), but it'll be an ambush, and you'll be attacked by several bandits (if you're good) or guards (if you're evil). After the battle, you can either talk to the man who started the ambush to receive a resurrection phial and gain 60 to your alignment, or you can kill him on sight and lose 60 to your alignment.

  1. Path between the Witchwood Cullis Gate and the Witchwood Stones.
  2. Path between the Witchwood Stones and the Temple of Avo.
  3. Exit to Witchwood Lake.