Walkthrough FAQ
I have some advice, new quest information or a correction to submit. Would it be innapropriate for me to do so?

No. You can help this walkthrough significantly by providing corrections or quest information where needed, or advice with an easier (non-exploit or cheating) solution. Send us an e-mail here!

What's a good balanced party for the game?

Since hirable NPCs take an equal share of experience, you'll level up more quickly with fewer party members. Five is a good number, though you can certainly attempt to play with less.

A balanced five person party usually consists of two melee-capable characters such as a fighters, rangers, paladins or barbarians. In D&D, a rogue (single or multiclass) is often handy for getting into locked chests and avoiding traps, and with his/her sneak ability, flanking opponents in melee to deal out extreme damage. By far the most useful character at later levels is a wizard (or sorcerer if you must). The sheer variety of spells available to sorcerers and especially wizards make them usually powerful enough to overcome the toughest fights nearly by themselves, if played properly. I would suggest using a wizard, but those new to spellcasting may wish to use a sorcerer. Finally, some sort of healer is recommended. You can't go wrong with a pure cleric, and he'll/she'll also have enough hit points to last in many melee situations. One of the best advantages of a cleric is their "turn undead" ability. A paladin can work for healing and turning as well, though is not nearly as competent. He/she hopes to make up for it with melee ability.

My recommendation to first-time players is this:

1. Fighter or Barbarian
2. Ranger (for survival, two-weapon fighting, etc.) or Paladin (for healing, undead)
3. Rogue
4. Cleric
5. Wizard or Sorcerer

With this party, you'll have the easiest time. As you become more advanced, you may want to try out multiclassing, as there can be some advantageous combos.

Is there a level cap?

The level cap is set to 10. That's character level, so if you're multiclassing, the max you can go for example, is 5 in one class and 5 in another.

How do I kill the trolls?

Dealing magic, fire or acid damage gets past their damage resistance. However, if you simply attack them as normal, they will fall unconscious as soon as their hit point total has been reached, and the battle will "end." They're on the ground exhausted now, so you can simply enter combat again, select "offense" from your radial menu, and select "Coup de Grace," which attempts to cut off their head. You'll need the character to be standing right near the downed troll to use it successfully. Afterward, your party will get the xp they deserve.

My characters have caught a disease? How can I get rid of it?

When one or more of your characters is afflicted with any of the numerous diseases, their ability scores will drop. Simply find a place to rest, and they'll increase again with every 8 hours of rest. Alternatively you can cast the remove disease or restoration spell. Lesser restoration will slightly or completely restore one of your abilities. The Heal spell will also do the trick, but in this game, you'll have to find other ways of casting it (such as on a scroll) since your cleric(s) won't be powerful enough to cast it on their own.

Why aren't the Brothel Quests in your walkthrough?

You've probably downloaded a patch from the modding community and are playing an area that wasn't officially meant to be in the game. Troika did at some point intend to add the area, but in the end left it out. Our walkthrough will only support whatever areas are in the official game. If at some point Troika releases an official patch that returns the Brothel to the game, we will definitely add the couple of quests to the walkthrough.

I see an Ogre Cave on the World Map. How do I open that area up?

You'll find the instructions at this link (#19). This is a spoiler, so consider yourself warned.

There are a couple minor details on actual maps that aren't entirely accurate. Why?

Mini-maps such as the Moathouse Interior are simply unfixed bugs in the game. They were using an older version of the mini-map, so the room with map note #3 is not divided in-game like it shows on the mini-map. It's very minor, but still notceable when you're comparing. It will be noted in the walkthrough.

Other maps, like the Temple Exterior, are entirely different, much larger, or have areas unmarked that are not possible to get to in-game. We were fortunate enough to have Tim Cain of Troika send us some maps they used in game (at one point), and they were used for Hommlet, Nulb, Temple Exterior, and many other places. The Temple Exterior map we provide is exactly the same as your own, only with a view further out, and of the complete temple, and minus the flora. Consider it a bonus for reading our walkthrough to see these developer maps. None are confusing, other than being slightly different.

Are there really that many bugs in ToEE?

Though I'd like to say differently, in a word, yes. Most are minor and of the non-crashing type which is fortunate, but there is literally an incredible list of bugs already documented. Most of them should not get in the way of your experience, but the chances are that you'll come across one or two, even minor ones, which you'll notice. While you're waiting for an official patch (which we're told is coming), you may wish to try out the fan patch made by Circle of Eight. It fixes numerous issues, and can be found here: Co8 Patch 1.0. There are too many good elements to the game to miss it, but this should help with any possible frustration.