Eye of the Tiger
The Village of Nulb

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The Boatmens' Tavern & Nulb Market Inside the Boatmens' Tavern at #12 on the Nulb map you'll find Tolub at #3, if you haven't yet already during the previous quest, A Pirate's Life.

He'll challenge you to a fist fight, initiating this quest. If you have a monk, use him or her rather than your fighter, as they're not going to suffer without a weapon. If you've no monk, then use the character with the most hit points in your party and hopefully a good AC. You'll also want to be at least level 4 or 5 with your fighter, possibly lower with a monk due to Tolub's toughness. When he's finished, he'll either pay you 100gp or you'll have the option to release Bertram from the quest mentioned above, "A Pirate's Life."

You won't be able to complete this quest if you've finished the Assassination quest, as Tolub will join in the fight and you'll be forced to kill him.

1) EXIT:
to Nulb #12

3) Tolub, Pirate:
This is the man you'll need to fight.