Air Elemental Node
Air Elemental Node

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Of all the elemental nodes, this is the easiest. There are very few enemies on the node, and what's there is relatively harmless compared with what is on the other nodes. The boss, though no pushover, falls to melee damage more easily than the rest, though its spell resistance could give you some trouble. Your goal is to make it to the boss at #12, defeat it and pick up its power gem, and leave through the exit portal at #13. There are a couple of NPC hirelings on the level at #3 and #10, who probably won't benefit your party much at this point.

1) You Enter Here:
from Dungeon Level 4 (#19)

2) Large Air Elementals:
If I were to tell you that this was the most challenging fight other than the boss fight, you'd be surprised at how easy these two elementals fall.

3) Taki the Fighter:
Taki will join your party if you wish. She's a level 7 fighter with only 44hp.

4) Vapor Rats:
There's a vapor rat in Dungeon Level 1, if you managed to find it. In ToEE at least, they will not attack you, even should you hurt one of their own. They also have a very low health total and you'll find several scattered in this area.

5) EXIT:
to Earth Elemental Node (#1)

6) Vortex:
Air puff-like creatures, these four vortex should prove very weak to your party at this point in the game.

7) EXIT:
to Water Elemental Node (#1)

8) EXIT:
to Fire Elemental Node (#1)

9) Windwalkers:
Given the same name that I still mistakenly call the GameCube's Zelda adventure, these two air elemental-like creatures are no match for your party, and will not attack on sight (they're true neutral if that makes any difference).

10) Ashrem the Cleric:
Here's a level 6 NPC cleric hireling for your party, with 37hp. Apparently, he's the brother of Alrrem, the high priest of the Fire Temple on Dungeon Level 2, and wants revenge.

11) Ildriss:
The third most challenging fight of the node is several small air elemental-like creatures called Ildriss. Defeat them, and rest up for the final boss at #12.

12) Air Boss, Vrock Guardian:
the flying Vrock is guarded by two large air elementals at its side but invisible before their turn. It has a decent spell resistance of 16, and attacks several times per round, for decent damage (though no where near what the Fire Boss dishes out, and with more attacks). You shouldn't find just one of these as too much of a problem, so tackle this fight just like any other challenge of the game, carefully. It has a penchant for summoning up to four quasits in battle to annoy your characters, and only has around 140hp.

When it's defeated, pick up the Air Elemental Power Gem from its body and leave through the exit portal at #13. Alone, the power gem has these incredible abilities:

1. Chain Lightning
2. Summon Air Elemental
3. Summon Vrock (!)
4. Teleport to Air Node

13) EXIT:
to Dungeon Level 4 (#20)