Earth Elemental Node
Earth Elemental Node

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The Earth is probably the third most challenging of the elemental nodes, and this because of the galeb duhr encounters in the level, not necessarily because of the boss, though it's no pushover. Your goal is to make it to area #11 to fight the boss and claim the earth elemental power gem that it holds, then exit through the portal behind it. It's worth it to clear out some of the enemies though, as you'll uncover some powerful magic items. See #2.

1) You Enter Here:
from Dungeon Level 4 (#17)

2) Galeb Duhr:
Lots of earth golem-like creatures, and fairly powerful ones at that, with good damage reduction and resistance. This will be a very challenging encounter, made tougher if you're lacking any area effect spells. The reward is worth it, however. Behind them is a locked chest with a Headband of Intellect +4 and Moradin's Soul Hammer +1.

3) Gorgons:
two Gorgons, large bull-like creatures that charge. They aren't very difficult.

4) Chaggrin:
Five chaggrin, goblin-like and very easy.

5) EXIT:
to Fire Elemental Node (#1)

6) EXIT:
to Water Elemental Node (#1). Other than the water elemental node exit, you'll find several more Galeb Duhr. Their description is on #2.

7) Jaer, Nulb Weaver:
Jaer is a weakened NPC weaver with a splash-damage ranged fire attack. There is a significant pre-patch crash bug with him in the party. If you travel anywhere on the World Map with him in the party, the game will lock up when you reach your destination. One way around this is to cause him to be unconscious and then take him.

8) EXIT:
to Air Elemental Node (#1)

9) Sargen the Wizard:
Here's an NPC willing to join your party if you agree to take him back to civilization. For the service, you'll receive 5000gp, or using Diplomacy, you can convince him to give you 10,000gp. He's a near useless level 5 Wizard (with no spells?).

10) Large Earth Elementals:
Two of them. Giants, they hit for quite a bit when they connect.

11) Earth Boss, Glabrezu Guardian:
This boss has multiple attacks (like the others), and a spell resistance of 16, but is altogether not nearly as tough as either the Fire Boss or Water Boss. Around it, like the other bosses, two creatures of earth, or in this case, two large earth elementals. Try taking out the earth elementals and damaging Glabrezu at the same time, with your most powerful spell attacks, then fall back and help the melee fighters kill the boss. This boss likes to summon up to four quasits to help, which can be annoying to your spellcasters unless they move away.

When you're finished, pick up the Earth Elemental Power Gem from its body and head through the exit portal behind it. With the gem alone, you'll have access to these incredible powers:

1. Stoneskin
2. Summon Earth Elemental
3. Summon Glabrezu (!)
4. Teleport to Earth Node

12) EXIT:
to Dungeon Level 4 (#18)