Hommlet Guide & Map
The Village of Hommlet

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Welcome to Hommlet, dear traveler.

Built along a meandering rivulet, Hommlet is a quaint community with a trickle of religious factions and one pair of proud adventurers, Burne and Rufus (#28), currently busy building their castle on the east side (#29).

Two of its religious leaders include Jaroo Ashstaff, the Druid in his tree dwelling in the south (#18), and Terjon, a cleric of St. Cuthbert in the temple vigilantly resting on the north end (#14). For a drink, some relaxation and entertainment, head to the Inn of the Welcome Wench, nestled in the center of town (#6).

There are quite a few quests to be had in Hommlet, and you can certainly have them at your leisure. None are required. Though you'll likely be learning about the Moathouse as soon as you finish your opening alignment vignette, you can stay and level up here solely by doing the various quests, making the Moathouse a bit easier; it can be quite painful if you go there with little to no experience.

Two other nearby areas that open right up while you're in Hommlet include the Deklo Grove to the north, and Emridy Meadows yet further north, both from quests civil villagers have you do. You'll also gain access to the village of Nulb after the Moathouse.

Enjoy your stay,

Harold Stumph
Vice Chairman in charge of the written word,
Hommlet Campaign Committee