Terjon Searches for a St. Cuthbert Artifact
The Village of Hommlet

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The Church of St. Cuthbert

Enter the Church of St. Cuthbert at #14 on the Hommlet map, and take the stairs at #4 to the upper level at #7 and speak with Terjon at #9. If Terjon's not there, you'll first need to go back downstairs and talk with Calmert. Ask to see the chief cleric and he'll ask that you donate to see him now. When Terjon's there, you'll have a few options. You can get two quests from talking to him. Mention the Temple of Elemental Evil and he'll tell you about a missing artifact from his father, lost at the Battle of Emridy Meadows. If you accept the quest to look for it, he'll mark Emridy Meadows on your World Map and you'll be given the chance to go there immediately.

I would recommend that you wait to do this area until you're at least level 4 or have some useful entangle-type spells if you want to do everything on the map. For just the artifact however, you can do it at a lower level, but I'd recommend level 2, as there are many undead. If you have a cleric in your party, level one is feasible.

Terjon mentions that the artifact is under a rock called "Rainbow Rock." He'll mention a simple multi-colored rock if your alignment vignette quest isn't related to Terjon. It is the same thing. When you've found the artifact (and note) at Emridy Meadows (#2) bring it back to Terjon for the xp reward. Beware area #3 on the Emridy Meadows map. Stay away unless you're in for a good challenge at low level. Details are on the Emridy map.

1) EXIT:
to Hommlet #14

4) EXIT:
to the Upper Level #7

7) EXIT:
to Ground Floor #4

8) Bookcase with Scrolls:
Take all the scrolls in this bookcase. Identify them with a Read Magic spell, Identify spell or by having any merchant identify it for 100gp. One of them is a Heal scroll, which can be used in the Terjon Wants More quest, above. Or, you can keep it for yourself.

9) Terjon, Cleric of St. Cuthbert:
the quest giver.