Deklo Grove
The Village of Hommlet

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If you've spoken to Tarim about the Woodcutter's Problem in Hommlet, you'll get access to this area.

1) You Enter Here:
This is where you land when you select the Deklo Grove from the World Map. You'll see at least one giant spider in front of you, though the second at #3 may not join in battle until it's over due to its distance.

2) Giant Spider:
If you've got a grease spell or some type of entanglement spell, you may wish to cast it on the spider and fire your ranged weapons to destroy it or whittle it down. If you've a wizard in your party, do not underestimate the power of Grease. It will work against the toughest giants just as well as with the weakest kobolds. Either way, these two spiders should not pose too much of a problem for your party, even at level one. The spider at #3 may not join in until you get closer to it.

3) Giant Spider:
Fortunately, this spider has a tendency to stay put while you're doing battle with the one at #2, though that's not guaranteed. When you're finished with them, head back to Tarim the Woodcutter in Hommlet to accept your xp reward.