Grain for the Church
The Village of Hommlet

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The Church of St. Cuthbert

Enter the Church of St. Cuthbert at #14 on the Hommlet map, take the stairs down to the lower level at #3 and speak with Myella at #6. She'll tell your party about the grain shortage at the Church. Fortunately, if you take on this quest, it can be easily remedied. Go see Mytch the miller at #23 and tell him of Myella's predicament. He'll say that he can't risk offending one faction or another, so cannot offer the grain to St. Cuthbert. However, if you can get permission from Jaroo, he'll reconsider.

You'll have a couple options here. You can venture down to Jaroo at #18 on the Hommlet map and ask for permission using Diplomacy, or if you have a high enough Bluff skill, you can try convincing Mytch that you've already been to Jaroo. Once this quest is finished, there is no need to speak with Myella again. You'll get xp right away. #2 on the ground floor.

After you're finished with the Miller, talk to Erliter his apprentice for the next quest, Soul for Cuthbert.

1) EXIT:
to Hommlet #14

3) EXIT:
to the Lower Level #5

5) EXIT:
to Ground Floor #3

6) Myella:
the quest giver.