Temple of Elemental Evil Contest
GameBanshee and Atari hosted a two-week contest in which we gave away THREE copies of Troika's Temple of Elemental Evil. To enter, fans were required to submit a reason why they love the Greyhawk setting. Here are the winning submissions...

Submission #1:
    I love the Greyhawk setting because it's where I began my very first campaign. I found the terrain and the kingdom setups to be awesome. However, the biggest reason I love the Greyhawk setting is that it will forever remind of my best friend of 20 years that played in the world, but unfortunately died Christmas of 2003. His character was a huge influence on my game and my friend's patience with my tricks and underhanded plots against him made playing in the Greyhawk world something I will remember always. At this time, I am writing a small adventure that will put the spirit of his character to rest. I look forward to playing it out with some new friends that have never played with this particular person.

    I know that this is a sucky reason but it's something that I value strongly. Thank you for reading my letter.

    P.S. I love the valley of the mage. Cool place!

    Submitted By: Dave Cruickshank

Submission #2:
    I got my first introduction to the Greyhawk campaign setting in the early 1980's. I still remember my father buying me the World of Greyhawk boxed set in 1983 and then going home and staring for hours at the two huge color maps of the Flaness. I could hardly believe what I had stumbled onto. From the Bright Desert to the lands of Geoff and the Crystalmist Mountains, the setting evoked in me a sense of wonder and amazement like nothing else ever had.

    Some of the best adventures ever published took place in Greyhawk. The Temple of Elemental Evil, the Scourge of the Slave Lords and the Queen of the Spiders are my favorites. These mega adventures all featured a manevolant evil force working behind the scenes to stop you at every turn. Those who made it to the epic climax of that adventure got to confront Lolth, the evil spider queen herself. And, no two adventures were ever quite the same either. White Plume Mountain sent you into an active volcano in search of mission magic weapons while Expedition to the Barrier Peaks allowed you to explore a crashed spaceship... the sheer variety and quality of these older adventures has never been matched.

    Greyhawk is a fascinating world of endless conflict and intrigue with evil villans and organizations constantly striving to gain power. Iuz, the evil demigod, plots to enslave the world and enlarge his empire at every turn. The mysterious Scarlet Brotherhood lurks in the shadows and instills fear in both peasansts and nobles alike. And, of course, the threat from underground, the Dark Elves, known as the Drow, scheme to unleash their evil plans on an unsuspecting world. These are the kinds of well developed bad guys and organizations that give the world a wonderfully unique flavor.

    The father of the dungeons and dragons game, Gary Gygax, gave us a brilliantly crafted fantasy world rich in detail, history and magic. From unique and intereting adventures to archvillians that you love to hate, Greyhawk is a campaign setting with no equal.

    Submitted By: Richard Graves

Submission #3:
    I loved the original fantasy setting of Greyhawk when it first came out as an AD&D campaign. Its immersive, fantastic, and mysterious environment makes it very enjoyable. There is a warm and pleasant undertone to the campaign setting, as opposed to a dark and morbid undertone in comparison to some settings that other PC games have been in that I played (for example, Diablo by Blizzard Entertainment). This quality enhanced the memorable experience when I played the Greyhawk campaign with friends.

    Submitted By: Kundi Xue