Traders' Courier
The Village of Hommlet

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If you've already completed the Traders Revealed quest before this one, you won't be able to finish it.

With that in mind, head over to the Trading Post at #12, and into their barn at the back. Nestled in one of the stables is a "courier" named Rocutio. You'll need to have a fairly developed sense of either Bluff, Intimidate or Sense Motive to get anything out of the guy, but when you choose the "I'm new in town" option, you'll be able to use your skill on the next line. When you do, Rocutio will spill the beans that he's been spying for the Traders for something unusual... perhaps such as your own party coming through.

When you're through with Rocutio, talk to Rannos in the Trading Post, and use your dialogue skills to convince him that you know they are spies. He'll beg you to keep quiet, offering you a magic shortsword +1, coin or the location of the Temple of Elemental Evil on your World Map. After your choice, you'll complete this quest.